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Opportunistic Diseases! What are?! And What Are They?

Toxoplasmosis A Very Severe Opportunistic Disease

Cláudio Afonso
Resilience is something that is built one day at a time. With or without toxo! With or without TB. With or without AIDS! Steatosis
Viral charge! It is important to monitor your viral load. The lower the better.

Viral Load Is Critical Factor in HIV Heterosexual Transmission

Cláudio Afonso
Viral Load Is Critical Factor In HIV Heterosexual Transmission Keith Alcorn, Keith Alcorn Published in: March 05 2001 One note from me. You

OK For Genvoya and Tenofovir-Alafenamide Single Pill Scheme

Cláudio Afonso
The Almighty FDA Gave Its OK For Single Tablet Scheme Of Genvoya And Tenofovir-Alafenamide Single Tablet Of Genvoya And Tenofovir Was Released By

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