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I, Claudio Souza, do not think about Cura
I was pretty zandago, with Life, with God and with the World. Only Mara could risk a click from these

The first day of December of 2000 celebrates the world day of fight against AIDS.
TV stations will not talk about anything else; radio stations and newspapers. Then the subject falls again into oblivion.
We sing, on this day, many victories. Even with the active participation of communities and non-governmental organizations, we have had many victories:
There are more drugs, tests are more accurate; research about vaccines have progressed a lot.
The person with HIV live longer and with a higher quality of life ...

I, Cláudio Souza, from Seropositivo.Org, am obliged not to agree with the higher quality of life.
Quality of life of life is not to be in good health, the costs of medicines.
Quality of life is up in the morning and face a bus, subway or train and get to work, perform a function, go to lunch with friends and go over some five hours of fighting and, therefore, plan ahead.
Quality of life is not having to hide the disease for fear of being discriminated against is not having to hide like a criminal just because a port virus.
Quality of life is to dream of a better future, to own a home, with marriage, family life.
And the basis of all this is the right to work, coupled with the right to health and equality. This is my fight, since I started this work in Soropositivo.Org
Our life can not remain a summary boxes of medicines and laboratory tests.
Our life can not be lived in orbit of illness or seropositivity.

The profile of people living with HIV has changed a lot and throughout this time

And Seropositivo.Org was here, documenting!

I've been here for all these years caring.

I work "in my creation", seropositivo.org, for unveiled love and, although I have just less than 600 published articles, I edited, translated, copied and pasted in one place, a little more of 4000 posts!

The History of AIDS, since the year two thousand is registered here and I dare to get myself to say that the largest database on the subject, in the hands of a so-called ING - Non Governmental Individual - This has obvious implications. I keep this from my resources, scurvy, unpredictable and inconstant.

one of the Topos of Seropositive.Org
This is one of the countless moles that have been used in this blog. If you knew the reasons why I removed it, they would collide disastrously

The profile for the Person who came with HIv and Profile of Seropositivo.Orr

The HIV carrier profile has changed; and changed for the better. (This was already a reality established in the year Two Thousand)
Have not die as often. We are no longer hospitalized many times, have not developed the disease and, in fact, we are strong and healthy, able to work and social life.

There was an error early in the epidemic:

It was attributed to a specific group of people, whose conduct society has the habit of reproving without knowing, generally since some of "productive members of our unique and exemplary model of society" used them, without anyone caring!

Expressions like gay plague, gay cancer, risk groups were created. All wrong, lying, discriminating. All stigmatizers. And no one undoes this error. Everyone acts as if nothing had happened.

Soropositivo.org seeks to clarify, since 1º of August of 2000

AIDS it is not a privilege (...) of a few. HIV is little selective when it comes to "choosing" its host.
Whites, blacks, Indians, heterosexual women, children, gay, bisexual, either.
Anyone can get HIV and, if different, to develop AIDS.
But the great majority, when it discovers, enters in treatment, regains the health and is able to lead a normal life, like the one of any person.
But this is denied us. If an employer discovers that you have an HIV carrier on your staff, you dismiss it under any pretext to get rid of future problems that are only theoretical.
This is because the employer does not want to take the risk of facing all the burden of the disease alone:
Admissions, licensing, to control absences, etc..
All this makes the HIV-positive person an employee, an unattractive worker.
We must change that, creating tax incentives to those who employ the HIV-positive.

This was the primary reason for Soropositivo.org

Unemployed, we are a social burden. We depend on the public assistance, almost always precarious, of our families, almost always of low income, and our life loses in quality and expectation.
Employees, take care better for our health, consume more, pay taxes and live happy, productive and independent.
I failed them

Editor's note in 2018: Seropositive.Org I got the support of an influential NGO, Ashoka Social Entrepreneurs, in the pursuit of this goal. Unfortunately, today I know, I got the help at the worst moment, because soon I had a sad depressive crisis, and I became mentally sick until I lost my support and thus I became mentally ill for almost six years ... Soropositivo.Org was the first site (or blog, as they please) to receive support from Ashoka. Yes, I failed in my search, but I got it, for my work on this blog; Unfortunately I failed ...

The employer / employee / employee / government relationship needs to change.
It is no use to create a number of laws that prohibit the employer from dismissing the HIV positive; there are laws and laws that forbid an endless number of things and they continue to happen, even forbidden. Or does a law that prohibits drug trafficking put an end to trafficking?

On the contrary, instead of simply "protect" with legal devices, of course, praiseworthy for the company and / or the person who incurs the crime of discrimination, it is necessary to encourage the employer to maintain, through tax benefits, as I have already said, and for the creation of a bank of hours, the healthy and fit to work with HIV in its usual position. This was the initial idea when I created the blog, actually a website, because blog was a non-existent word in the year 2000!

Soropositivo.Org sought, for a long time, this concept of the right to work.

I longed to restart my life.

Today, 18 years later, I barely notice myself (11 / 05 / 2018)

Craft fairs, I insist, do not solve anything, because not all people have the manual ability to do this or are interested in such craft. This is a job, the craftsmanship, which asks for much more love of the "workshop" than what was necessary for me when, on account of some misleading lessons from the past And every person has the right to exercise his profession, which he learned to develop with his own merits and effort, often diuturno. The serological condition does not undo these merits. The way the individual "got" the virus also should not get into the question, as it does not change for better or worse the quality of the professional in question. It must always remain the condition of being human, worthy of respect, not of pity, above anything.

In the meantime, society needs to be made aware of the security of living with the HIV-positive person, the HIV-positive person ... the HIV-reactive condition is not a tragedy doomed to the fateful disaster:

"There is life with HIV"

The press in general owes this to the population, in their duty to inform and clarify. And, eight hundred thousand devils, she, the media, does not do it!

The awareness campaigns should be jackpots for those who understands the subject, for those who live it and who knows the subject thoroughly.

The social view of AIDS is misguided. We do not die like flies. And we do not transmit the disease through the air, by handshake or social contact.
Sexual intercourse must be protected; but it is not just to avoid AIDS. It is to prevent syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis, condylomata acuminata and a myriad of STDs that are as or more dangerous than HIV infection. What's more, it avoids unwanted pregnancy or, worse, teenage pregnancy.

This social vision about AIDS needs to be correct, corrected. Only the mass media, in partnership with non-governmental organizations and the Government, can repair this damage caused by themselves and the scientific community at a time when there was very little light on the problem.
My thoughts back then on how the "HIV epidemic" was seen and lived and I tried to make a difference with this blog
Do you consider that the population is adequately informed? Click here! But if this is not enough and you believes that I am exaggerating and that the prejudice is not so great? =, please, please click here and then, click here!
And yet, do you dare to believe that no one takes the risk anymore? Click Here and finally you, women sIs it safe because it lives in a "stable relationship"?
Click Here and will come to the conclusion that she is not so sure.
Then look in the personal testimonials section for women who have contracted the virus of their husbands and who open their hearts here, in the hope that this will not happen again ...
AIDS is a problem for everyone, with no possible distinction of gender or "way of life". But never was the alleged and alleged death sentence or the "revenge of God" (...).

And it is possible to change these things with awareness and clarification, information and goodwill.
We have excellent coverage, with regard to treatments, medication and exams; at least for a while. But that alone is not enough for us. If we can live (and this is a natural right of every person) in health, we may well work for our own livelihood and that of our families (we are parents), without being discriminated against by our SOROLOGICAL CONDITION.

There was, once, a summer. And it was hot !!!

Of all the symptoms of AIDS, the worst of them still remains, after 20 years (now more than 30), in a world where most have TV and Internet access, prejudice rages and freezes, and silently, like the fire which burns under the tundra until it has the strength to carry the forest to complete destruction

It is urgent that this change, and change for the better.
Claudio, Soropositivo.Org and all the team seropositive home page.

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