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Hair Loss - Bad between the sexes

Barely between the sexes, hair loss is common in both men and women. Get to the root of the problem and check out treatment tips

By Ligia Kogos

The complaint of hair loss is one of the most frequent for dermatologists, both men and women. Female hormone oscillations and factors such as stress, seborrhea, unbalanced diets, ovarian cysts, menopause, endocrine disorders, postpartum period, post-surgery, anorexia nervosa, use of hormonal implants, anabolic steroids, among others, can be known. cause weakening of the hair and frank decrease of hair volume. In addition, we have the traumatic chemical and physical causes such as straightening, reflexes, discoloration, perms and even the ponytails that pull the scalp too much!

In men, the dreaded baldness (or androgenic alopecia) begins from the top of the head, especially in the well-known region of the "inlets," progressing back and forth. It is closely linked to hormonal and genetic factors, which result in the progressive thinning of the wires, which weaken until they disappear. Male hormones, starting production in boys around the age of 13, if caught in large quantities by the "receptors" (hormone-hungry structures present in the scalp and genetically inherited) are gradually weakening the hair strands. The severity of baldness will depend on this genetic burden, more or less receptors.

Other factors such as stress, diseases that affect the general condition such as cancer, tuberculosis, AIDS, malnutrition, can cause men and women to lose their hair, in addition to chronological natural aging. But the most common cause of classic baldness is even the association between hormonal action and genetics. It is hoped that in the near future gene therapy will definitely solve this problem. Just wait a little longer…


The treatments aim to return, even partially, the volume of lost hair and also prevent future hair loss.

Oral Finasteride is one of the most commonly used for both men and women, where heredity and hormones are involved. Capsules of amino acids, proteins, B vitamins and folic acid are also used.

Local lotions, with vasodilating cocktails, anti-hormones, female hormones such as estrogens, anti-inflammatory corticosteroids are also very useful in restoring some vitality to the hair and recovering much of it, depending on the degree of involvement.

Anti-dandruff shampoos (containing pyroctone olamine, zinc pyrithione, sulfur, sulfacetamide) contribute to a good result. Another option is drug injections directly into the scalp, which are also used in acute and resistant cases of hair loss, especially in women.

Surgical solutions are also much sought after, especially by men with significant degrees of baldness. They are called transplants and flap rotation surgeries.

General measures that help to save hair:

Do not smoke, have any physical activity, stay within reasonable weight, have vegetables, fruits, vegetables and protein in the diet, moderate the amount of sugars and fats, control stress. Another tip is to be very careful about deceptive, expensive, unscientific treatments. Always seek a dermatologist for guidance.




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