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Almost all lesbians are serum interrogative!

That's right.

When talking about STDs, including HIV, few people remember that women who love women are also at risk if they remain sexually active, but no attention is paid to them in this regard.

lesbian kiss

I am a homosexual and I confess that I had a number of partners and it never crossed my mind to protect, especially because there is not enough information and there is no adequate material available.

It seems that they tell us clearly:

Are you a lesbian? Turn around!

With the "boys" is not so, so that the health centers give free condoms, campaigns are aimed at gay men, including.

Heterosexuals gained their space, the elderly became a campaign theme due to the increase of cases.

But what about us people?

We have sex like everyone else, taking risks, including.

The ignorance is so great that there are people who think that women are unable to transmit diseases.

If HIV is not so potent in oral sex, it does pose a risk of transmission in it, and there is a list of other diseases that just cause the mucosa of the mouth and vagina to meet to cause that damage, or the simple practice of tribadism ( vagina with vagina), or even the shared use of objects.

That's why we need to stop being invisible!

Since no one helps us, will we learn to do it on our own?

I will try to pass on this idea in a very simple way, as from today I just want to have sex with protection, because who loves cares, and love me too much to continue this Russian roulette.

What you can do to protect yourself:

  • Do not have oral sex during menstruation;
  • Wear latex gloves to protect your hands, especially when your partner is menstruating;
  • When having oral sex, use square pieces of latex, surgical sheets or covers to cover your partner's genitals.
  • Tying or whipping your partner isn't exactly dangerous unless it involves blood;
  • Use condoms when using vibrators and other toys involving penetration. Change the condom every time you change holes. Change the condom when sharing it with your partner.
  • Good hygiene of your toys and vibrators is extremely important, regardless of AIDS or other diseases. Keep your accessories clean and stored in a cool, dry place. When choosing where to store them, remember that bags and plastic bags prevent ventilation, favoring the formation of mold, fungi and bacteria in their accessories. Wash your accessories thoroughly with hot water and mild soap or with a domestic bleach solution (one part bleach to five parts clean water is sufficient). Do not forget to rinse well;
  • Never remove the vibrator from your partner's vagina and insert it into the anus / mouth or vice versa. When changing holes, always change the condom or wash the vibrator.
  • Don't be afraid to propose safe sex to your partner. Learn how to negotiate and say no.

Do not be afraid of people with HIV!

AIDS is a lethal disease and we must do everything to protect ourselves from it. However, the fear and ignorance of the laity make the disease even more terrible for those who have to live with HIV.

A hug, a kiss or a cuddle will not give you AIDS.

The list below is intended to clarify the type of contact you can have with your partner without risking contamination. Read it carefully.

It is not risky:

  • Massages;
  • Hugs;
  • Kisses;
  • Voyeurism;
  • Exhibitionism;
  • Masturbation - you touch yourself;
  • Contact with infected partner's body - as long as it does not involve fluids…

But if you are a lesbian and want to have sex without neuras, get tested for HIV, go through a gynecologist to check your genital health and demand the same from your partner.

If you don't have time to do all this, protect yourself!



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