LGBT: Two gay men sentenced to death by stoning - Only this month, 47 people were executed

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This month alone, 47 people were executed

BERLIN. Even though Sakineh Mohammadi Ashtiani is spared the death penalty, Iran's justice system continues to be relentless in punishing crimes against Islamic law. Young Ayub, 20, and Mosleh, 21, who live in the city of Piranshahr, in the Kurdish part of Iran, were accused of homosexuality and sentenced to death by stoning. The execution of the sentence is scheduled for next Friday, the 21st.

The Committee against Stoning launched a campaign last Sunday to save the lives of the two young men, who filmed homosexual scenes with their cell phones, in which a photo of President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad and religious leader Ali Khamenei appeared.

According to Mina Ahadi, the committee's director, the regime's reaction to the campaign for the release of Sakineh shows that the pressure has an effect. On the other hand, the regime's hardline representatives want to show the world that they are not going to mitigate Sharia, Islamic law, under the influence of the West. The government's strategy would be resulting in an “execution spree”, as the International Campaign for Human Rights in Iran (ICHR) denounces.

Since the beginning of the year, the Iranian government has executed 47 people, an average of one convict hanged every eight hours. According to ICHR, Iran executes more people per capita than any other country, and loses in absolute numbers only to China: last year, Tehran ordered the deaths of at least 179, and 388 others in 2009. The group, based in New York, said the numbers may be even higher, as not all executions are public.

There are thousands of people sentenced to death in the country, including a 16-year-old teenager, found guilty of murder, according to the human rights agency HRANA. Hadi Ghaemi, ICHRI's executive director, also denounces the way the cases are judged in the country.

- There are many questions about the legal procedures, the charges against the executed people, and even the identity of those people. There are very serious concerns about judicial abuses by security and intelligence forces, in order to implement their agendas through large-scale executions.

The organization also believes that Iran has launched a campaign against members of the Kurdish minority. According to ICHRI, at least 14 Kurdish activists are on death row. (GMR)

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Soropositive.Org Editor's Note

I can only ask:

Even when this type of persecution, always based on ambiguous and doubtful morals, will continue.

the priests and friars of the Middle Ages exchange a chicken leg for an oral sex session and I don't see why the mentors of this debacle would be different…

Honest Islamists would never throw a single pebble at another human being because, departing from their paradigms, none of them are free from sin…

They are dogs. Filthy dogs, which dirty the good name of Islam, as they did before, other dogs, the good name of Christianity, who perpetrate these atrocities in the name of the morning.

Empty morals and without any purpose, other than the obvious, which is to attend to one's own whims, in disrespects that the Lord of the Spheres will one day charge, I relieve myself with that, with Interest from Mora ...

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