What is HIV? What is AIDS? Here's what to know about AIDS

What is HIV?What is AIDS?

AIDS is the Human Immunodeficiency Syndrome. AIDS is characterized by the weakening of the body's defense system and the appearance of opportunistic diseases.

How do you get HIV?

• Having sex without a condom (oral, vaginal or anal);
• Sharing contaminated needles and syringes;
• From mother to baby during pregnancy, at delivery and / or breastfeeding.

Is it possible to live well with AIDS?


Currently, there are antiretroviral drugs - antiAIDS cocktails that increase the survival of HIV positive people. It is essential to follow all medical recommendations and take the medication as prescribed. It is what doctors call adherence, that is, adhere to treatment. There are also other attitudes that offer quality of life, such as exercising and having a balanced diet. Who has HIV dates, kisses on the mouth and has sex, just like everyone else. But don't forget to always use a condom.
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How do I know if I have HIV?

Just do one of the existing tests to diagnose the disease. They are free and their result is safe and confidential. It is performed from the blood collection. If it is negative, the person has not been infected by the virus. But patients who have a positive result should undergo medical monitoring.

How is the treatment?

Treatment includes periodic follow-up with health professionals and exams. The person will only start taking antiretroviral drugs when clinical and laboratory tests indicate the need. These drugs seek to keep HIV under control as long as possible. The medication reduces the multiplication of HIV in the body, recovers the body's defenses and, consequently, increases the seropositive's quality of life. For the treatment to work, the HIV positive person must not forget to take the medication or abandon it. The virus can create resistance and, as a result, the medication options decrease. Adherence to treatment is essential for quality of life.

Even in treatment, the person with AIDS can and should lead a normal life, without abandoning his affective and social life.

She must work, date, kiss on the mouth, have sex (with a condom), stroll, have fun and make friends. And, remember, treatment is available in the Unified Health System (SUS) and is a right for everyone.
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What other care is needed?

Using condoms during all sexual intercourse avoids reinfection by viruses that are already resistant to medications. And reinfection brings serious health complications. In addition, condoms protect from other sexually transmitted diseases (STDs), such as hepatitis and syphilis. The HIV positive person must have a balanced diet and practice physical activities. This prevents future complications and improves the body's defenses.
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Where to get support?

Health services
The Specialized Care Services (SAE) are the most suitable places to obtain information about HIV and AIDS, your health condition, treatment and new necessary care. Find the SAE closest to your home.
• You have the right to ask any questions. Don't come home with worries.
• Always talk to a professional, when you notice changes in your health conditions.
• Try not to miss appointments. If you are taking medication, remember to always take it correctly.
• Do not take medications without guidance, not even the most common or natural remedies.

Family and friends

Seek support from your family and friends. Identify those you trust most to talk about your new condition. Don't isolate yourself.

Support groups
Try to talk and exchange information with other people who live and live with HIV and AIDS. It is a good way to learn from the experiences of others and, above all, to make new friends.

HIV-positive rights

Free care, treatment and medication
The Unified Health System guarantees treatment, access to medicines and medical examinations necessary for diagnosis to all residents in Brazil.

Secrecy about your HIV status
With respect to intimacy and privacy, no one can disclose who has HIV / AIDS without prior authorization, even health professionals.

Fall of the mandatory AIDS test in the admission test
Companies can no longer force a professional to get tested for AIDS when starting a new job.

Stay at work
No employer can fire an employee just for having HIV. Dismissal for discrimination can generate labor lawsuits for the worker to be reinstated. If, in addition, the dismissal is embarrassing, the worker can claim compensation for moral damages.

Values ​​of PIS / PASEP and FGTS
The HIV positive person has the right to withdraw the FGTS and PIS / PASEP, regardless of termination of contract or communication to the company.

Benefit of continued provision
Anyone with AIDS who is incapacitated for work and has a family income of less than 1/4 of the minimum wage is entitled to the Continuous Installment Benefit (BPC), paid by the Federal Government.

Exemption from IR payment
People with chronic diseases, including AIDS, are entitled to an exemption from the payment of income tax, when they receive retirement benefits, retirement due to accident on duty and pension.

No one should be discriminated against for living with HIV / AIDS

If this happens, it is recommended to go to the police station and make a police report or go to the public defender's office or another body for the protection of rights, such as the OAB, for example.

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