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AIDS is a disease that affects the immune system of the infected. However, it should be far from affecting the behavior or provide reasons for discrimination, especially in the labor market.

The disease can only be transmitted through sex without proper protection of condoms through blood transfusions and through contact with infected blood of the victim's blood. Thus, living with an individual who has the disease may not result in any problems, but on the contrary, help this individual to reenter the social life without being discriminated dishonestly.

At the end of 2013 a campaign whose slogan was in Germany was created "Living positively together”, This being part of the actions created for the World Day to Combat AIDS. Thus, this campaign was important to show the need to be sympathetic to the bearers, because they can not harm you in any way.

This discrimination with people with HIV It is mainly present in the work environment, which is very negative, after all, this is one of the places where the person lives most in his daily life, and if the coexistence is bad, it will of course cause many problems.

Holger is an example of an individual who suffered discrimination at the company where I worked when told about the disease. However, his boss reacted calmly. Over the years, his career was not impaired, the opposite has happened since he became head of the agency acted since the discovery and still does good for society, raising funds for charities today.

However, the main shock of his coworkers was not only the fear of contamination, but the fear that Holger leave from one day to another. In reality, he just needed to take one medicine a day to make sure he didn't get sick from any of the illnesses that could be a risk of life for him, as a hemorrhage, tuberculosis or even a strong flu. Thus, he himself affirms that he still feels strong, and that the main care of today, in addition to his own health, is to raise people's awareness of AIDS.

For some time, the expectations to maintain a normal life after receiving the diagnosis of the disease were low. This is the fact that there are about 20 years, ways to effectively contain the disease were very few. Within months or at most a few years one was dead and considerations were much larger.

This was the case of a patient named Angelika, who discovered he had the disease even before the creation of antiretroviral therapy, which saved many lives today. Fortunately nowadays, new drugs are responsible to give very high expectations of life for HIV-positive. Over the years, the life of the infected by AIDS becomes increasingly healthy, and future can be compared with the life of a normal individual, there is no reason for it to be discriminated against in the labor market.



Therapies, the expectation of fighting, living and improvement are higher and higher, which are highly positive points. However, the old image and prejudice are still impregnated in the minds of many.

In Germany, first world country, 2 / 3 the seropositive population still works even after discovering the contamination. However, what do most leave the job are no longer physical limitations, as it was formerly. Now, they must fight prejudice and exclusion account.

The life expectancy of these people já é normalHowever, the normal life could not be rescued by many. This is due to lack of awareness of people and discrimination in time to deal with HIV-positive, that nothing can affect you.

Thus, to acquire HIV today, the main issue is to combat social limitations, and no longer the physical. With the creation of several organizations and councils, and of course several lectures and events to promote awareness and prevention of AIDS, the number of infected decreased. In Germany, for example, new infections are on average three thousand a year, which is a very low number.

And, in their own country, one in 1000 employees are HIV positive. Thus, the uncertainty becomes a source of distrust to employees and their bosses. Many even are companies that bar entry into the labor market of these individuals, not by the proliferation of AIDS, but the fear that the person gets sick from time to time, affecting their working routine.

However, this is totally wrong, after all, the old image is being saved up knowledge of the new methods to prevent most diseases attack these individuals.

Besides the campaign launched in Germany and in several other countries to attend to normal living among seropositive individuals and other individuals, other types of campaigns are also being created and adopted by a variety of companies, such as the "HIV worldwide at work".

The main purpose of this type of campaign is to consider the fact that people with HIV can and should maintain a normal work life, without suffering any discrimination, especially for something wrong and outdated. Companies such as Deutsche Telekom, Ford, NH hotel network and Ikea already the same.

In Brazil

The Long Arm of the Law
Not escape, that you discriminais, will all be achieved by Long Arm of the Law

So it was from the adoption early in the second half of the recommended 2010 200 number that disclosure began to be high in the country, to alert people with HIV from discrimination.

The text that had already passed the House points to the sentence of one to four years in prison and fines for those who criticize or discriminate against those infected with HIV. Deny work or employment, segregate and disclose the very condition of the patient so as to offend or denigrate his image are examples of conduct that would be considered a crime.

The UN has launched in the year 2012 a campaign that had as its main purpose to warn the rights of HIV-positive people in the workplace. The name of it was "Getting to Zero at Work", to take the discrimination to which she should be, equal to zero. Human rights, access to prevention and treatment of occupational safety and character were more prospects adopted by such a program, and considering the work environment.

The main intention is to raise awareness of employers, governments and other trade unions to defend the worker is about to renew protect individuals with HIV so that they have a professional performance as productive as other employees, besides, of course, that can live with dignity, respect and comfort in the workplace - and anywhere else, for discrimination in labor market only worsens the psychological condition of the person with HIV or AIDS and is just in time that this bill arrives. And come to stay

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