Large proportion of HIV-infected heterosexual men with men

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A large proportion of seropositive heterosexual men were probably infected by other males

Tie-AIDS-300x172About a fifth of HIV infections among African black males, originally classified as a result of a heterosexual exposure in the UK, were probably acquired after having sex with other same-sex individuals, the researchers reported.
The authors identified HIV transmission groups in the UK and found that 29% of heterosexual transmissions actually occurred in transmission groups involving only boys who had had sex with other boys (MSM). The authors estimate that 6% of HIV infections in heterosexual males are poorly classified and are actually acquired during sexual intercourse with other males. However, the proportion of misclassified infections involving African black heterosexual men could be quite high, 21%. The study examined the genetic structure of the virus that infected 22.500 people, in whom HIV was diagnosed in the UK, between 1996 and 2008. Overall, 56% of heterosexual people could be placed in a transmission group that does not involve other heterosexuals. However, 31% belonged to groups involving both heterosexuals and MSM, and 29% represented solitary heterosexuals in transmission networks that exclusively involved MSM. Black heterosexual men represented the ethnic group most likely to be exclusively linked to MSM transmission networks.

Comment: These results do not surprise probably all aware of the stigmatization of sexual relations between persons men in certain minority communities in the UK. Certain erroneous attributions about the sexuality of people in whom HIV has just been diagnosed, could also come from health workers, who also assume the sexuality of African patients.

Source: Aidsmap

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A large proportion of men "heterosexual" were probably infected with HIV by other men

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