The couples counseling can be vital in preventing HIV

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The couples counseling can be vital in preventing HIV na África

A large study in Zambia found that, in the context of HIV-serodiscordant heterosexual couples, conselling and HIV testing of both partners is most effective in reducing HIV transmission in Africa to one person who has the virus who provide antiretroviral therapy to the person with HIV without being accompanied by any decounselling element.

In Zambia to date, more than 150.000 couples received an intervention of voluntary achievement and proof decounselling and 12% of cases, one member of the couple was living with HIV. This study revealed that couples who received this intervention, the annual rate of infection among members of couples without HIV reduced to less than a fifth of the 11% to 2%. A volunteer conducting decounselling evidence and not necessarily implied in the diagnosis of one member of the couple: in many cases allowed people who already knew they had HIV and occasionally took anti-retroviral therapy revealed to their respective partners.

The team compared the incidence of HIV before and after they already knew they had HIV in Africa and occasionally took anti-retroviral therapy revealed to their respective partners.

The team compared the incidence of HIV before and after the intervention couples whose member with HIV already had treatment with the incidence before and after the intervention in cases of recent diagnosis but had not started therapy. This showed significantly the incidence of HIV in the couple fell in 70% after that voluntary counseling and testing, but only one 30% in cases where the person with HIV had started antiretroviral therapy without having received the intervention voluntary. When we gave the two circumstances, the reduction in the incidence reached 83%. This figure is quite different from 96% reduction in HIV infections observed in the study HPTN052 when people with HIV began treatment. Part of the explanation for this discrepancy seems to be that community levels of treatment adherence in Zambia are very bad and this is partly due to the fear that people have of their partners discover they have HIV, so help reveal the HIV status could contribute to the reduction of transmissions.

Comment: A significant result, and is one that has to be repeated, and it is confirmed should serve to encourage reflection on the protocols of other studies on treatment as prevention that was produced intentionally prevented development of serological status between the couple for fear of rejection or even violence to the person with HIV. That generally the conselling helped to create an environment of greater trust and intimacy which is reflected the incidence of HIV among couples where neither person had HIV (ie, coming from some infections outside the relationship) were also reduced by one 70% after voluntary intervention from 1,4 0,44% a% a year.

Moral of the Story: HIV in Africa can be controlled with simple and inexpensive policies.

Martha Prieto translation

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  1. I can not, by myself, say that "the case is closed". I've seen a lot in life and, although I do not know them (and the truth is that this is the key point of my position) I've seen a lot, a lot, but a lot in this life!

    I do not know what your married life is, and much less the personal life of each one of you. I think both of you should, before any examinations, make a pledge of allegiance and go testing for HIV from time to time until you can make this decision without the weight of my opinion. Sure died of old and wrong advice from me here can generate a very high bonfire, with a pole at the top and I tied on the pole. Do not ... Trust each other, and do as you see fit. I have nothing to say about it. And ... By the way, couple counseling is not my specialty and, I say, this is the best option.

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