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Meet tuberculosis

TBTuberculosis, in general, is considered a disease of an infectious nature. Many medicinal methods caused the disease incidence decreased very much in Brazil, as elsewhere in the world, however, the index is still great, especially in individuals who are infected with the AIDS virus: in this case, the combination may actually be fatal.

The disease progresses totally silent. When the individual is infected starts coughing, it happens to delete some droplets on the Koch bacillus is present. When other individuals inspire the same (because they are close to the infected), the microorganism passes through the trachea and begins to distribute the lungs.

If the immune system of the individual, ie the defense of their own body, in perfect condition, this means that all the reaction caused by the bacillus will be "cured", so often, even the patient can perceive .

However, the disease is gradual and evolves slowly, taking account mainly the upper part of the lungs. Thus, the subject begins to show signs of weakness, fever, loss of a constant weight, loss of appetite and cough also increases with the passage of time. Thus, the lack of treatment of the disease can be fatal in many individuals, but especially those with HIV, as they are with their weak defenses well and often practically nil.

AIDS e tuberculose

On one hand, a disease that develops long. On the other, a new, modern, and epidemic scare: AIDS, which came less than 20 years. The features are very similar to one another and, when put together, the result can be fatal.

Both diseases are characterized by the fact achieve our defense system, ie the immune system. TB is considered as the most "opportunistic" disease for individuals infected with the HIV virus, and because of that, many deaths are motivated by both diseases.

There is a study that proves that tuberculosis has as main feature further sicken the patient of AIDS, since, when the Koch bacillus begins to play, he starts to attack the body's own cells, leaving the immunity of much lower individual and increasing, even the possibility of it acquiring other diseases.

Detailed relationship between diseases

We understand that both diseases work directly in the defense system of the individual. In the case of tuberculosis, when it manifests itself, the cells present in our immunity system have the intention to encompass such bacilli, trying to provoke the destruction of ourselves and the end of the disease, which actually does not happen because the cells actually end up with the bacillus but the fact that the Koch bacillus can survive peacefully within such cells, or rather the macrophages.

Thus, the bacillus can survive for days or even months there, without even manifest. But, just the immunity of the individual fall for her attack, duplicating and forming a series of elements that can bring great complications for the disease.

AIDS, in this case, affect phagocytosis, ie, the process of enclosing the bacilli to prevent the disease, because the disease acts directly on the immune system of the individual and totally weakens their defenses.

It is therefore normal that a disease that, in principle, can be easily controlled by our own immune system is totally fatal to an individual carrying the AIDS virus.papilloma virus Finally, the patient still end up developing granulomas, which are nothing more than lymphocytes protective layers created in order to isolate the Koch's bacillus. And it is in this case that the disease that apparently was controlled, actually becomes an epidemic able to end the life of the carrier of the disease.


Certainly the problem for which the problem is centered is the fact that vaccination in some first world countries, it is not a mandatory vaccine for the reason that a lot is believed that the disease is "totally under control".

The idea is that TB was a disease present only in third world countries, causing big pharma (first world) stopped manufacture new drugs for the disease. However, the disease returned to the First World 20 in recent years, and forced the emergence of new drugs and treatments, ie, a new approach aiming to finish as soon as possible with the disease which finishes with many AIDS patients throughout The world.

Note the Seropositive Editor Web Site: I lived in a home support that was considered a tuberculosis focus for two or three months. God knows the fear with which I lived; fortunately, I left intact.

Suggested reading: If you are professional health should attend the aprenstação slides below and should read the text that I will suggest here. If you are not health care professional presentation below may have little interest to you, unless you want to become a health professional.

This linkWhich opens in another tab of your browser, is particularly interesting with regard to tuberculosis as a "subject".

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