Lady Gaga leads celebrities who have done good

Lady Gaga is not the only number one on lists related to fashion and music.

The NGO Do Something, which encourages charitable actions among youth in the United States, chose the singer as the celebrity who did more good in 2010. The information is from the website of People magazine.

In the list of names 20, Celebs Gone Good call ("celebrities who were good" in free translation), the institution chose artists that stood out in different fronts. Gaga, for example, appears in the fight for gay rights. In last September, the singer led a rally in the United States against the "Don" t Ask, Don "t Tell" ["do not ask, do not tell", a US military policy that established that the officers did not ask about the sexual orientation of soldiers]. This week, President Barack Obama signed a document that ended the law.

The runner-up Alicia Keys is known for fighting activities and awareness AIDS. Leonardo DiCaprio, Oprah Winfrey, Taylor Swift and Justin Bieber are also on the list.

See below for more 20 celebrities who have done good in 2010, according to (to learn more about the charitable work of these artists, visit the institution):

1 - Lady Gaga (Fighting for the rights of homosseuxais)

2 - Alicia Keys (Combat AIDS)

3 - Taylor Swift (Help rebuild Nashville after flood)

4 - Ashton Kutcher e Demi Moore (Combating trafficking and sexual exploitation of children)

5 - Ellen degenerates (anti-bullying)

6 - Nick Jonas (Awareness and find a cure for diabetes)

7 - Matt Damon (Promotion sewage and sanitation in poor countries)

8 - Leonardo DiCaprio (Struggle for the environment and against the extinction of species)

9 - Oprah Winfrey (For quality education for low-income populations)

10 - Justin Bieber (For children's hospitals and the construction of schools)

11 - Shakira (By building schools in poor and developing countries)

12 - Betty White (Animal rights)

13 - Eva Longoria (Help for people with mental health problems)

14 - Sophia Bush (Activist for the environment)

15 - Alyssa Milano (UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador)

16 - Sandra Bullock (Help a school in New Orleans)

17 - Wyclef Jean (Haiti's struggle to rebuild after the earthquakes in the country)

18 - Prince William (Rights of homeless people in England)

19 - Stephen Colbert (The quality of life and the return of U.S. troops from Iraq)

20 - Annalynne McCord (Against sex trafficking and access to water in Africa)


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