Replacement of Inflation in the FGTS 1999 2013


Reprinted em 16 October 2014

The Guarantee Fund for Employees (FGTS) was instituted in 1966 is currently regulated by Law No. 8.036 / 90 and Decree 99.684 / 90. This is a set of funds raised from the private sector (businesses in general) and managed by the Federal Savings Bank with the primary purpose of supporting workers in some cases closing the employment relationship in situations of serious illness and even in moments natural disasters, and is also intended for investments in housing, sanitation and infrastructure.

Emergency Care Program video that tells that every worker who had any amount deposited in the Guarantee Fund, the FGTS between 1999 2013 and is entitled to restitution of losses related to past inflation or 10 15 years.

If you worked and recorded between 1999 2013 you are entitled!

Watch, 30 are minutes that can earn him some money.

The program on FGTS can also be watched on YouTube, but Soropositivo.Org pays with satisfaction this service for you.

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Wikipedia has an:Law Portal

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