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Mycobacterium avium Complex (MAC)

mycobacterium avium complex

What is it?

The complex Mycobacterium avium ComplexMAC English)Is a type of bacterial infection that can cause serious symptoms in people who have compromised immune systems. People who have healthy immune systems can also be infected with MAC. However, the symptoms they develop - usually involving the lungs - do not offer life-threatening. In people with HIV-related illnesses in advanced stages, the MAC usually does not involve the lungs. Instead, it causes disease in other organs, including the liver, spleen and bone marrow and is thus considered a "widespread" infection.

The MAC organisms can be found almost anywhere in the room. They live in water, soil, and a variety of animals. As a result, it is difficult to avoid having contact with MAC. However, it is possible to prevent the MAC to cause diseases and symptoms in HIV-positive people using drugs (prophylaxis), a type of prevention that is often recommended for people with compromised immune systems (less than 50 CD4 cells).

The MAC is preventable. One of the best ways to prevent the MAC is to prevent the counting of cells is below CD4 100 starting antiretroviral therapy for HIV. In persons in which the count CD4 cells do not respond adequately to drug therapy, there may take prophylactic drugs to prevent the MAC. Without the incidence or prophylactic antiretroviral MAC in people with HIV and low cell count CD4 drugs may be greater than 40 percent.

O Mycobacterium avium Complex It's a sad illness that I had the displeasure of witnessing in a girl named Adriana.

What she did while I saw was taking medication every day in the old building of the CRTA, when he was still a street whose name I can not remember ...

The other thing I saw him do was die (...), the victim of this disease and to leave a large void and a huge question mark among his family ...

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