AIDS migrated to more poor and vulnerable

Activists, experts and relatives of people with AIDS charged today (1º), World Day to Combat AIDS, more awareness campaigns about the disease. In 1º Carioca Meeting to Fight AIDS, made at the Cultural Center Cord of Bola Preta, they assessed that the disease has migrated to the poorest and most vulnerable populations. Participants of the meeting concluded that AIDS will only be overcome with the confrontation of gender violence, homophobia and poverty. Women and young are among the main victims in the country, according to the Ministry of Health.

AIDS and Poverty"The underprivileged population is the one that suffers. AIDS was located among the less privileged sectors, among the poorest, the youngest, Gay Boys and the elderly. The richest, when infected, have health insurance, leave the country for treatment, "said the Brazilian Association Project coordinator AIDS interdiscipline (Abia), Vagner de Almeida. In his opinion, a way to address the problem is to put AIDS on the public agenda, as was done there 20 years, clarifying and warning about the disease and prevention methods.

This is the same assessment represents the International Community of Women Living with HIV / AIDS (ICW acronym in English), Juçara Portugal Santiago. She believes that stigma and prejudice are the greatest challenges to contain transmission. In addition to tackling poverty and collect actions to combat gender violence, it calls for more knowledge.

"I see people reacting today just as I saw when I entered this world in 1992. At the time, Brazil had no remedies. There was talk about condoms and there was a lot of prejudice, "he said. Today, it suggests that women, for example, to test the female condom and lose aversion. "Women have difficulty using [the female condom] and assign this responsibility to man. But after using, she feels safe. Became independent more negotiation [condom] with the partner or partner, "he said.

Vagner de Almeida, who attended the International AIDS Conference in Australia in October, also defended more treatment options and prevention depend not only on condom use. "How many women can not negotiate condom use with their partners? How many young people use once, twice, then fall in love and leave out? And the condom may eventually burst. May have a problem or not well used. You must have condoms [for both genders] and ART. "

During the event, activist Cazu Barros, who lives with AIDS and has been dedicated to disseminating information about the disease, has denounced treatment problems. It is not enough for the health network to only provide the retrovirals: it is necessary to guarantee complete health care, he affirmed. "In the [medical] consultation you go to pick up the monthly medication. He does not have access to other specialists like dermatologist, neurologist, dentist, psychologist, and that does not help. "

Barros also denounced the meeting that the Kaletra, indicated for patients with AIDS, is missing two months ago in clinics Leblon and Lagoa, in the south of the city. The Municipal Health secrete did not explain the reason of the problem in the units.

Tania Rego / Agency Brasili

sabela Vieira- reporter Agency Brazil Edição: Fabio Massalli

Reissue in Seropositive Web Site: Claudio Souza

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