Exhibition in Brasilia shows that AIDS has no face

AIDS has no face
In this faceless crowd certainly there one or two people with HIV or AIDS patients. You can tell who?

red ribbon for the fight against AIDSJust before the AIDS treatments diffuse by Brazil, Beatriz Pacheco, the 50 years, found that was contaminated with HIV. "My infection was by my husband, who made blood transfusion in a time when the blood was not controlled. Five years after his death, married again and little more than a year after marriage, I was diagnosed with what was HIV positive. My husband did not catch the virus and said that love was greater than AIDS and gave me an immense force me not to hide, "recalls the lawyer, now 65 years.

Gaucho Beatriz is one of the people photographed by Gabriel Mestrochirico for the exhibition. A New Look on AIDS in Brazil - An Augmented Reality, launched today (1º), World Day to Combat AIDS, the National Library of Brasilia. The exhibition portrays the everyday life of 25 people from seven Brazilian states living with AIDS, in an attempt to reduce prejudice and show that those who have the virus can have a normal life, like any other.

In the opinion of Beatriz, who lives there 17 years with the virus, prejudice was already higher, but the woman with HIV still has a promiscuous label. "Also, there is lack of information. Many still think I can pass the disease with a hug or drinking from the same glass, when in fact, it takes much more than that. " She encourages people to take the disease because "it is no shame to have AIDS."

According Mestrochirico was hard to find people who agreed to show his face in a photograph. "Many stumbled to give testimony, talk about prejudice, but in time to be photographed retreated in fear of suffering prejudice," says the photographer. He says that those who agreed to be part of the project, understand that show is a way of saying that AIDS has no face.

Christiano Ramos, president of the non-governmental organization Friends of Life, which coordinates the exhibition, found that there are still those who think that people with AIDS have the appearance of patients, fragile. "The other day were waiting for an interview, I got, I was talking to one side and I heard someone ask, where's the person with AIDS? When I expressed, the girl said she was surprised because I was tall and handsome. They still think that AIDS has a face, the poor person, skinny, like a green avocado. This is also biased. "

For Ramos, a major concern today is the growth in the number of infected among gay youth. "For some time, the quality of life and survival of those with AIDS is the same as anyone, but you need to know to take a cocktail of drugs the rest of life can bring side effects. Young people have not seen people die as died in the early 80 when in a month of diagnosis the person died. Now it's all beautiful, healthy world, but this should not eliminate the fear of being infected, "says Ramos.

The exhibition A New Look on AIDS in Brazil - An Augmented Reality is open to the public from tomorrow until the day 15 December, the National Library of Brasilia.

Aline Leal - Reporter Agency Brazil Edição: Fabio Massalli

Reissue for Soropositivo.Org: Claudio Souza

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You need to get your hopes up!

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Resilience is not something you are born with! You ROW IT! One fall after another. For every fall inevitably follows a new rebound!

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get up

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