Incidence of AIDS among young gay men worries health minister


Gay couple kissing Despite the tendency to stabilize the number of people with the Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV) in Brazil, the Ministry of Health registered an increase in the incidence of the virus in some groups of the population. "We see a higher prevalence of cases in Rio Grande do Sul, a trend of increase in the North and Northeast of the country and a trend of significant increase among the youngest of 15 to 24 years, particularly among young boys who have sex with young boys" , explained the Minister of Health, Arthur Chioro, this afternoon (1), the World Day against AIDS.

Data released by the Minister of Health show that 734 thousand people living with HIV in Brazil. Of the total, 589 thousand were diagnosed and 145 thousand still do not know they have the virus. The incidence of the virus in the country is 20,4 cases per group of 100 thousand, but the equivalence rises to 41,3 in Rio Grande do Sul and 33,4 in the Amazon. The incidence is higher in the male audience than in females, with 26,9 and 14,1 cases 100 thousand, respectively.

Among young people who are between 15 and 24 years the incidence has increased from 9,6 100 cases per thousand inhabitants in 2004 to 12,7 100 cases per thousand inhabitants in 2013. In all, 4.414 new youth were detected with the virus in 2013, while in 2004 were 3.453.

The new campaign of the Ministry of Health is focused on prevention, testing and treatment, and its target audience youth. Using #partiuteste slang, the campaign will also be targeted material for the young population Gay Boysand transvestites. "Condom, testing and treatment is the central strategy we are working, and [the campaign] will work all the time with the prevention combined use of condoms, testing and treatment," said Chioro.

In all, 0,4% of the population has HIV / AIDS, but when observing the landscape in specific audiences, that number is higher. Come In Gay Boys And men who have sex with men older than 18 years, 10,5% of people have the virus, in the population that uses crack, 5% have the virus.

Young gays are very vulnerable to AIDS

After a Health Ministry protocol included people without symptoms, but with HIV, treatment with antiretroviral drugs, increased 29% the number of new patients it comes between 2013 and 2014. By December last year, the treatment was only offered to those who had high viral load. Since the publication of the protocol, 61.221 people started treatment. According to the ministry, mortality due to AIDS fell 67,3% in the last ten years.

One way to prevent the disease in groups with higher exposure to the virus, such as sex workers and men who have sex with men, is being studied by the Ministry of Health. According to the Secretary of Health Surveillance, Jarbas Barbosa, the effectiveness of prevention with antiretroviral has been proven, but two Brazilian groups are studying whether people without the virus will have to take the drugs preventively, without having the virus. It is possible that up to half of 2015 that prevention is available on the public network.

The Ministry of Health today launched the National Fund for Sustainability to civil society organizations working in the field of STD / AIDS (Sexually Transmitted Infections / AIDS) and viral hepatitis. The goal of the fund is to raise funds from private initiative to finance social projects. The fund will be managed by a group linked to the Federal University of Santa Catarina.

Aline Leal - Reporter Agency Brazil Edição: Stênio Ribeiro - Reissue Claudio Souza

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