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How is HIV transmitted? I'm Infected with HIV? How to tell?

Am I Infected with HIV? How to know?

Am I Infected with HIV? How is HIV transmitted? How to know?

The human immunodeficiency virus (HIVwas established as the cause of acquired immunodeficiency syndrome (AIDS) in 1983.

Since then, much research has been conducted and a large number of information has been generated.

And with regard to the ways that HIV can be transmitted from one person to another there is a lot of contradiction.

Like the patso who said that anal ratio generates three-year window. Obviously known as FDP.

And the Madame Mim

The problem with a lot of information about HIV transmission, especially on the Internet, is that it speaks like a baby:

With a voracious appetite for writing bullshit at the entrance and no responsibility when issuing unusual opinions at the exit.

Very often, information from one site will directly contradict information from another site. For example, some sources refer to oral sex as "risky," while others say it is "low risk" or "no risk."

Can this be very frustrating and can also lead to the propagation of wrong information, and often to many unnecessary concerns about HIV transmission, and lead me to believe or not if I am infected with HIV?

Am I Infected with HIV? How to know?
AIDS has no prejudice and is a disease that is largely globalized, as can be seen

HIV infection - and the HIV test - is a medical issue.

We have developed this lesson to provide direct and accurate information regarding HIV transmission.

However, it is important to note that this lesson - and other sources of HIV information on the Internet - should not be consulted as an alternative to medical care and testing.

If you fear that you have been exposed to HIV - regardless of how low the perceived risk and no matter how much information you find on the Internet - you need to contact your health care provider or HIV testing center.

What if I am infected, I ask for HIV? what to do?

The very first thing to do and respect the immunological window, which I explain, with the support of very serious SUS professionals.

Here immunological window the facts and here:

Why 60 Immune Window Days (two texts, both in other tabs). Once respected immunological windows do the HIV test is something very wise to do. And unfortunately, even then, many people refuse to take the test. I was very scared to do mine and I did it the hard way.... (another flap)

They find the idea of ​​doing the test so scary (I thought), that they just do not want to do, even if they continue to stress and worry if they are infected (I did not care about that).

Others think that taking the test is unnecessary because they believe, or want to believe, that HIV is something that will not affect them.

Am I Infected with HIV? How to know? HIV Testing

Many times when someone is tested, they happily discover that their concerns about being infected were unfounded.

Ensuring that the test was negative could provide enormous relief.

It can also increase motivation in taking actions to remain negative.

For others, getting tested and discovering they are HIV positive is the first important step in staying healthy.

In life to two this can be an important movement of responsibility and mutual respect, but separate the tares from the wheat, as sadly learned my longing friend Amarillys (In Memorian)

The American Centers for Disease Control (CDC) estimates that there are 1.1 million people HIV + in the US.

Of this number, the CDC estimates that one in five (21%) is not aware of their HIV status.

Usually healthy in appearance and feeling good, they are not receiving proper medical care.

Not being aware of their HIV status is much more likely to be will transmit, without knowledge, the HIV virus to other people.

One of the most basic truths about HIV is that gender, age, race, and economic status are irrelevant when it comes to vulnerability to HIV. Anyone can be infected. The HIV epidemic will be with us for a long time to come.

At present there is no cure for HIV / AIDS.

But there are medicines that have proven to be very effective in keeping HIV-positive people alive for longer and healthier.

Translation: Rodrigo Sgobbi Pellegrini

Watch the video below. Thank you

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