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Because of the ever-present possibility of someone "irritated" with my work, considering that at times I utilizpo me from third party sources to keep this site I'm sticking these three files, which show that, beyond will gain nothing by doing this for nearly fifteen years (and love to do it) I still put in some thing.

One I would like to explain:

The item ARTMAESTRO is for the payment to Gtranslate ( that allows the content of this site in Portuguese can be seen by people who use 58 languages ​​to read what I put here because what I want , And it is the way I have to justify myself before God for my sojourn on earth, seeking to help in every possible and imaginable way the greatest possible number of human beings that I can reach without measuring efforts of any kind, Sometimes to the detriment of things I could do, such as a dental treatment that needs several implants, of which I gave up because of this ...

If I want a medal? No! I'm showing that I have come and how long I'm here.

You can see more by clicking on this link.

Sorry the outburst.

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