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Hello, I was diagnosed HIV positive a few weeks ago and I am very worried.

Message in bottle on beach. Creative hope and faith concept.I am married and I have always had problems with alcohol and cocaine, until I ended up separating me two months ago. I was three days drinking with a girl he knew, without sleep. In those three days I precautions, but the folly of having drunk 2 J & B with a lot of cocaine, I must have committed some slip and got the virus. In addition, we had a lot shared the straw. The worst is that we more than have sex, so I thought I had protected me.

After a week I got sick and had to stay in bed, I was diagnosed with mononucleosis. Then I went through an examination and was told that I also had a cytomegalovirus infection.

Therefore, the doctor told me to do a thorough examination, including testing Elisa.

By this time I met my ex and had unprotected sex, I never thought I could have contracted the HIV.

I did the test on Thursday. I was quiet thinking about mononucleosis and, the next day, the doctor called me to tell me that the ELISA test had been positive.

I was crazy, did not understand anything. He asked me to do one W, Which takes longer and has also proved positive. When I left the exams I was devastated, the first thing that crossed my mind was that, still separated from my wife, I needed to tell the truth to her. It took me a week to feel ready and tell it all. It seemed an eternity because of guilt and fear. What I least wanted was for her to have been infected.

After a month together, she did the Elisa test and it was negative, but the doctor asked her to do the Western as a precaution. Every day I pray to God that my ex-wife has nothing and stay healthy with my son, because I am destroyed. I started going to a psychologist because they do not want to do anything stupid.

Well, yesterday we were both together to infectious disease and we have to wait for the results.

depressed lonely young woman girl, sitting on the floor aloneShe is convinced that she contracted the virus, although the doctor said that it was possible that she had not been infected. It's a time when we're finally closer than ever, the only thing that gives me the strength to move on is my son and her.

Greetings to all who read this message. The outburst made me well, since I can not tell it to anyone.

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