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Steven Anderson

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The American Shepherd Steven Anderson , from Faithful Word Baptist, in Arizona, has championed the killing of gays to end a few days with AIDS, saving billions of dollars in research for the cure.

He said that the extermination of homosexuals and bisexuals is an order of God and quoted Leviticus 20: 13: "If a man lies with another man, as though he were with a woman, both shall have committed an abomination; they will surely be killed; his blood shall be upon them. "

"We can have a world free of AIDS until Christmas. Okay, it would not be totally free, but it would be something around 90% ".

With the name "Aids: God's judgment," homophobic preaching is accessible on YouTube. It was made on the 1 day of December, World AIDS Day.

Even the faithful laughed when Anderson preached extermination to gays, as if it were a joke. But the pastor made it clear that he was serious about presenting statistics that point to homosexuals as responsible for 90% of AIDS virus infections.

He argued that if there is no killing of gays, humanity is at risk of disappearing.

"In my church there is no queer," he said. "[Because] all gay people are pedophiles and to hate and condemn homosexuality is to practice Christianity."

Image extracted from Youtube.

Homophobic Patience
From the number of children he boasts it is easy to know that he is the obsessed with sex. Worst of all is that he can educate everyone with his "line of thought" and let them loose in the world, daqui a few years ago, to continue, his "work."

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