What is AIDS?

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June 2014 Oral Sex What is the Risk?

What is AIDS?

AIDS is a disease that attacks and destroys the immune system due to the destruction of white blood cells (T lymphocytes CD4+). AIDS, or AIDS in Portuguese of Portugal, is considered one of the most serious health problems faced by humanity thanks to its pandemic (planetary) aspect.

What is AIDS?

What is the causative agent?

A AIDS occurs a few years after infection with HIV, a virus that attacks cells of the immune system, destroying white blood cells (CD4 + T lymphocytes). The lack of these cells diminishes the body's ability to counteract illnesses caused by microscopic organisms that are not normally capable of harming people with HIV-free immune systems.

HIV virus in the bloodstream


Transmission / Contagion

HIV can be transmitted through the blood, sperm and vaginal secretions, through breast milk, or transfusion of contaminated blood. The carrier of the HIV or HIV virus even though it does not show symptoms of AIDS, conveys the virus, therefore, the importance of condom use in all sexual relations.

Cells infected with HIV - Photo Getty Images
Cells infected with HIV virus

Aware of this, you can live with an HIV positive person or with AIDS without any major fears. You can kiss, hug, cuddle, and share the same physical space without being afraid of contracting HIV.

The more respect you give to those living with HIV or AIDS, the better the response to treatment, because socializing is very important for increasing people's self-esteem and therefore prevents them from suffering from depression, one of the triggers of AIDS.

Assim acid HIV / Aids

  • Sexo in the vagina am condom
  • Oral sex without a condom
  • Anal sex without a condom
  • Using the syringe by more than one person
  • Contaminated blood transfusion
  • From an infected mother to her child during pregnancy, childbirth and breastfeeding mother
  • Instruments that pierce or cut unsterilized.

So do not catch HIV / AIDS

  • Sex since corretamente to use condoms
  • Masturbation two
  • Kiss on the cheek or mouth
  • Sister and lágrima
  • Insect bite
  • Handshake or hug
  • Soap / towel / linen
  • Cutlery / glasses
  • Bus seat
  • Swimming pool
  • Bathroom
  • Blood Donation
  • Hair ar


The practice of masturbation with a casual partner implies risk of infection by HIV / AIDS?

If there is no blood exchange, semen or secretion, the practice of masturbation does not imply any risk of infection by HIV or AIDS.

And the risk of HIV infection with sharp objects such as razors, earrings, pliers and piercings?

Currently, most manufactured piercing instruments, such as syringes, tattoo machines, ear piercing devices, or piercings, are made of disposable materials that can not be used more than once. If in doubt, we suggest asking the local on the origin of the materials in use. The risk of HIV contamination in blood contact with skin and oral mucosa is less than percutaneous exposure because there are more target cells susceptible to HIV infection in the bloodstream. In addition, in the skin and oral mucosa there are immunological and non-immunological barriers that impose a certain index of protection, since these places are in permanent contact with the external environment and with several microscopic creatures.

Even without the enjoyment during the sexual act is it possible to be infected by the AIDS virus?

Although the AIDS virus be more present in greater amounts in seminal fluid, this is not the only way the virus is transmitted in a sexual relationship. There is also the possibility of infection expelled before secretion ejaculation (pre-seminal fluid) or secretion of the vagina. The factors that increase the risk of HIV transmission in these cases are: advanced immunodeficiency, passive anal intercourse, sexual intercourse during the menstrual period, or the presence of other STDs such as soft cancers, syphilis, and genital herpes.

The kiss, in case one partner has sores or fissures in the mouth, is a pathway of HIV infection?

According to studies, there is no evidence of HIV transmission by kissing. For transmission to occur, there would have to be a serious gum injury and bleeding in the mouth. HIV can be found in saliva, but the substances found in it are able to neutralize it. Practices like kissing in the mouth, smoking the same cigarette, drinking in the same glass, do not offer risks.

The practice of unprotected oral sex carries the risk of HIV infection?

Compared to other forms of contagion (vaginal penetration, intra-anal sex and syringe sharing by IDU), the risk related to oral sex is low. However, it poses a greater risk to the practitioner (ie, the active partner), depending primarily on the amount of virus in the blood or sperm of the infected individual and whether there are any injuries to the practitioner's mouth (gingivitis, canker sores, of tooth). If there is no wound in the mouth, the risk is less. This can be explained, perhaps, by the acidity of the stomach, which can render the AIDS virus inactive when swallowed. However, in the practice of unprotected oral sex, there is a risk of contracting herpes, urethritis, hepatitis B, or HPVRegardless of serology partner.


To prevent HIV transmission it is recommended to use condom during sex, use of disposable syringes and needles, test on the blood to be transfused and use and gloves when handling potentially contaminated wounds or fluids. Pregnant women should get tested for AIDS and start prenatal care as early as possible.

Male condom - Ministry of Health
How to wear a male condom

1. Open the package carefully - never with your teeth - not to puncture the condom. Only put the condom on when the penis is erect.

2. Tighten the tip to remove air and unroll the condom to the base of the penis. Only use water-based lubricant. Avoid petrolatum and other lubricating oil base.

3. After ejaculation, remove the condom with hard cock. Closing the opening with your hand to prevent sperm from leaking out of the condom.

4. Tie a knot in the middle of the condom and throw it in the trash. Never use a condom more than once. Using a condom twice does not prevent against disease and pregnancy.

Female condoms - Ministry of Health
How to dress the female condom

1. Holding the condom with the outer ring hanging down.

2. Squeeze the inner ring and insert into the vagina; with the index finger, push the condom as far as it (the condom should cover the cervix).

3. The outer ring should be about 3 cm out of the vagina - no wonder, as this outward part serves to increase protection (during penetration, penis and vagina widen and then the condom fits better).

4. Until you and your partner have safety guide his penis with your hand into your vagina.

Note from the editor of Seropositive Web Site Note that AIDS is a serious and unhealed disease; some say "chronic"; I would say chronic, progressive and degenerative. But you can easily avoid it by taking the precautions outlined in this article. (...) Why do not so many people do this? I do not know. Why did not I do it? Dismay for me; You need to love yourself before you begin to love until you begin to love other people. In the long past I lived, I did not love myself, for I was conditioned by my father not to think that I was worthy of any good feeling or of receiving a good position in life. His verbal words: "Oce is a son of a bitch who does not even lend to the lichero ..." He did it. Endless mistakes, a serious commitment for an unimaginable time to disembodied human minds, and the continuing struggle between continuing to live or committing suicide
Editor's note Soropositivo of Web Site
Note that AIDS is a serious disease with no cure; some say "chronic"; I would say chronic, progressive and degenerative. But you can easily avoid it by taking precautions mentioned in this article. (…) Why don't so many people do this? I do not know. Why didn't I do that? Love for me; you need to love yourself before you start loving other people. In the long and terrible past tense that I lived, I did not love myself, because I was conditioned by my father not to believe that I was worthy of any good feeling or of receiving something good or a good position in the life. Textual words from him where the misspellings would be the ones he would make, even now, if he were asked to write them: “Oce is a bitch and I tell you what I want in my web. Another thing he said would sound more or less like this: I do it by cooking it qui mi dé in the web. Once he beat me so badly that a neighbor called the police, who went there to 'see'. He said the son was his and he did whatever he wanted with me. The time was of repression and the average brain of a PM was about the size of a pea and the leader (…) fda'equipe 'said that' my father was right to educate me like this and that she, the complainant, “ take care of your life ”(hers). I think that's why I can't stop smoking, going to the analyst; it is also the reason for me to abuse barbiturates and other tranquilizers ... Of course, life has given me good things and today I have a wife that I don't even know if I deserve ...

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