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Once Bolsonaro where Bolsonaro

In March 30 2013 Bruno magazine Huberman Charter Capital published an article stating that Bolsonaro says "was sanding" for gay movement.

The article reported that Internal Affairs and House Ethics Council analyze representations, while the Rio deputy attacks gays and says father is "nigger".

Also according Humerman, over 20 Members have already sent three different representations against Rio parliamentary and the Ethics Committee of the House consider the case and could recommend to the plenary the disqualification of "pepista".
crown of thorns
On that day, a Wednesday, the mayor, Marcos Maia (PT-RS), forward the Magistrate another complaint against the subject (sic) in question and said, still according to Bruno, the magazine Carta Capital.

"I headed representations to the Board of Internal Affairs so that, as the regiment of the House to adopt appropriate measures. My opinion is that Jair Bolsonaro Deputy statements are regrettable when we fight to end inequality and intolerance, whatever. Racist and discriminatory words are not part of Brazil we want. Are the legacy of a past that will not accept a repeat never, "said Marco Maia on your page in the microblog Twitter."

While this was happening, Bolsonaro trying to escape some charges. In an interview with the newspaper Folha de S. Paulo, Rio de Janeiro wanted to shake the label of "racist", "My wife is African descent and my father is nigga!"


Have the homophobic adjective, the Rio Bolsonaro not feel shame and adds:

"I'm sanding me to these people there [the gay movement]. They have now created the Parliamentary Front Against Homophobia, the gay front. What these people have to offer to society? Gay marriage? Adoption of children? Say to you who are young people who, on the day that you have a child, if gay is legal and will be the 'uhuhu' family? The personnel has nothing to offer, "said upon arriving at the funeral of former vice-president, José Alencar, at Planalto Palace in Brasilia.

Jair Bolsonaro turned criticized in recent days after the interview the singer Preta Gil during the CQC program, network Bandeirantes, on the night of Monday 28. When asked if his son would date a black, replied: "Black, I will not discuss promiscuity with anything. I do not run that risk, and my kids were very polite and did not live in an environment like, unfortunately, is yours. "

Already Blogger and activist Sakamoto, the Sakamoto's blogWe removed this inscription:

In a speech on the House floor, on Tuesday (9), Jair Bolsonaro said that just do not "rape" Mrs Maria do Rosario because she "did not deserve".

This is the second time it happens, as well remembers matter of Folha de S. Paulo. In 2003, during a debate, she accused him of promoting sexual violence. "Records where now I'm rapist," he snapped. He added, "would never rape you because you do not deserve."

And puts facts and lamentable truth, since the Bolsonaro is the political votes champion in this election at Rio de Janeiro.

Sakamoto also said, to our painful regret that the anguish is not so simple, and that, in fact, a part of Brazil is with him. Representatives of different social classes align with this way of thinking and adds that all views deserve a voice in a democracy. The problem, according to Sakamoto's view is that the Bolsonaro worldview and part of their constituents makes the dialogue and even peaceful coexistence impossible. In a strange paradox: defend the antithesis of democracy, although still only being able to express themselves freely on its behalf.

rapes but not abortI, in my turn, I add that, in some ways I agree with the two journalists, because freedom of expression is an inalienable right of every member of society, which is good because it allows you to read me the same right and the same power to invest, the legal system and not by violence against him and, why not say, "evil in its essence, almost demonic figure of Marco Feliciano that recently, while in command of the NHRC (an abortion the law), with ridiculous positions and the formidable chutzpah to try to resurrect that thing they call gay cure.

We as legal actors, because that is what we are, with power to vote and the right to street demonstrations, have a duty to fight them; not only with offenses, the suit of these people is indelible to offenses of any kind, but with rationale, demanding his exit policy through the back door, perhaps straight to jail ....

Bolsonaro and Marco Feliciano are birds of a feather and, at the last minute they unite to defend and always do with cynicism, is justifying it (them) to the society on the grounds of free speech, he tact abhor when suits them. You must remove this cancer from our political scene as soon as possible because the same treatment programs for HIV-positive people may be at risk if there is another political abortion and one of these people achieve the power to affect us.

As said in Rome: "Vis pacem, para bellum ".

If you want peace, prepare for war.

And that's a fact, try to silence him the momentum would be, yes, a step backwards with regard to our fledgling democracy and thus we would be turning this filthy pig (democracy guarantees freedom of expression to it, but to me) , a Martyr. And all we need not, now is a fundamentalist "Christian" appearing in the media as a martyr!

I would advise that formed lists, we could at least a 500.000 signatures and then movimentássemos in his eagerness to get him the mandate; with it, and make it a sort of example, symbolically pendurando- at the highest mast of Brasilia, so that everyone could see them as they are


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