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On the first of December, as Paulo Giacomini taught me, it is not a day of celebration; in fact, it is a day of struggle.

But I dare to disagree that the 1 day of December is a day of struggle against AIDS and prejudice. I come to think that, starting from this concept, every day should be 1 December.

People, on the whole, say they do not discriminate against people with HIV, and yet they discriminate against each other.

In order for me to say such a thing, it is enough for me to confess myself and say that, twenty years ago, when death from the complications that AIDS brought was irreversible, I withdrew my guarantee fund in a painful process, because the employees knew that the warranty withdrawal code was, say, xx-.

The look of the CEF employee showed the contempt she had for me, a human being, sick, practically in the Basques of death,

I took out the money, something around R $ 500,00 and bought a computer; I still remember the model:

It was an 486 SX66

It had four megabytes of RAM, a keyboard and no mouse. The money could not buy the mouse and I wore a white phosphorous CGA monitor and my vision was black and white.

It was with him that I, in a burst of courage, began to study "the thing" and to understand how it was assembled. I did this with the machine dozens of times until I considered myself a "hardware technician"

And so it was with this conception that I started working at Bytão, a company that worked with discontinuous (scrap metal) and my life was to climb up the plate, separate about twenty and put them to test. I had a minimal goal of being able to recover (sic) at least 5 machines per day; I even noticed because, one day at a time, at the end of the month I had recovered and put to work some 25 or even 30 machines.

As it always was, and still is, in Santa Efigênia you make the experience of three months without registration and, after this "control" they register you in the regime of contract of experience ...

When I gave my wallet of work she was sent to the accountant at xe and the same day, she was returned without registration and I was invited to withdraw from the company that finally ceased to exist.

I went home, this time, after I went to live on the streets again, because it was preferable to support houses (at least for me, I refuse to have a house and food to wait for death to arrive), and I lived in Guarulhos, in a place called Jardim Maria Dirce, almost in the vicinity of Arujá.

My life, at that time, while I was working, was to take the bus in the Dutra and walk to the Armenian station, at the end of the bus, but not mine, that I had to walk there from Armenia to Santa Efigenia . In the afternoon, on the way back, I would walk on foot to Armenia and pick up the first bus or stowage, clandestine or not, so that, after 90 minutes, I reached my point and walked another kilometer to my house; in season. I lived with one person. My wife, not a very balanced person who asked me every day if I would have been with a whore ...

When I lost this job, the next day I went back to look for a job, because I was dismissed for good cause (and I did not know at the time to defend myself) and I ended up at Americam Comp, where I worked for three months and at the time of registration : CABUM.

After that I gave up and went, with my ex-wife to her land in Piracicaba and the events were repeated.

But this time, I was contacted by a cashier who told me in all letters that the employers had access to the information that should be confidential, and that they would raise the whole "running sheet of the official in question." In this case, I, Cláudio Souza.

I stayed in Piracicaba for a while because I did not want my wife of the time (I had three or four weddings and not even the Devil would believe if I said how many women I got involved with in life ...

Worst of all is that most of them I do not remember and, in the meantime, I remember very well those that, sticking the cazuza, for which I would leave career, money and straw! Even the most banal things, because for me, these would have been all or never again! Curiously, these were the ones who told me it was "a thing of the moment".

Not long ago, I went through a selective process at Contax, to work with telemarketing (everything to relieve my wife's back (the first I had and never betrayed) and the first coma I've lived in for more than three years - we've been together 14 years!); Well, I went through all the tests and would work on the apple of their eye, it would be on TAM reservations.

I passed the pre-admission exams, which were very simple, a basic physical assessment and an audiometry. I passed everyone and received a paper with some data, duties and rights that I had and went home, virtually happy. After 15 days I went there to know what happened and, two minutes after the girl found my file, appeared another wanting to gossip and the girl who was assisting me was harsh with the colleague.

no comments.
no comments.

Then the supervisor arrived, took my papers, took me to the RH d empesa, requested my briefcase and said that the vacancy I would have to occupy was closed and that they would contact as soon as they needed me. I left there ready to go up to the metro station and when I went to do the act, throw myself under the train a girl stood in front of me with open arms and said:

If you go, you'll have to take me with you!

Obviously I would not do that and she accompanied me on the subway to the taxi stand to make sure nothing would happen. I do not know her name, I do not know anything, but I know she saved my life.

What does this story have in common with the 1 of December?


Years ago a federal deputy proposed putting us HIV positive under the law that requires companies with more than 100 employees to have X% of employees disabled in certain admission processes.

However, the organized movement of NGOs who campaign for the rights of HIV-positive people mistakenly refuted the proposal as this would increase stigma.

From what you see here would not it be better for law X to protect us and put us in the same law that protects the physically and sensory handicapped would be a good idea?

I guess so!

And you, what do you think?

The Link to sign the petition is here: Petition

I am in the process of founding an NGO that aims to bring HIV positive people and people with AIDS back into the job market. If you live in the capital, São Paulo, and are willing to participate, fill out the form below and I will contact you:


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