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In the year two thousand, in August, I created this site, and to give the impression that there was a "working team" I finished the greeting " whole team."

The fact is that there was, at the time, and there was, until today, a "team".

Here's a partnership: God and me ... And sometimes, me and God ...

But this was my first editorial for December 1 of 2000

World Day to Combat AIDS


Morning December 1 of 2000 it "celebrates" World Day of fight against AIDS.
TV stations will not talk about something else; ditto radio stations and newspapers. Then it falls again into oblivion.
We sing this day, many victories. Tvemos same, with the active participation of communities and Non Governamenais many victories:
There are more drugs, tests are more accurate; research about vaccines have progressed a lot.
The person with HIV live longer and with a higher quality of life ...

I am forced to disagree with the higher quality of life.
Quality of life of life is not to be in good health, the costs of medicines.
Quality of life is up in the morning and face a bus, subway or train and get to work, perform a function, go to lunch with friends and go over some five hours of fighting and, therefore, plan ahead.
Quality of life is not having to hide the disease for fear of being discriminated against is not having to hide like a criminal just because a port virus.
Quality of life is to dream of a better future, to own a home, with marriage, family life.
And the foundation of all this is the right to work, plus the right to health and equality.
Our life can not remain a summary boxes of medicines and laboratory tests.
Our life can not be lived in orbit of illness or seropositivity.
The profile of patients with HIV has changed, and changed for the better.
Have not die as often. We are no longer hospitalized many times, have not developed the disease and, in fact, we are strong and healthy, able to work and social life.

There was an error early in the epidemic:
She was assigned to a specific group of people whose conduct is the society I live without knowing fail.

Created - if phrases like gay plague, gay cancer, risk groups. All wrong, untrue, discriminatory. All stigmatizing. And nobody undoes this error. All act as if nothing had happened.

AIDS is not the privilege of a few. HIV is very little selective when it comes to "choose" its host.
Whites, blacks, Indians, heterosexual women, children, gay, bisexual, either.
Anyone can get HIV and, if different, to develop AIDS.
But the vast majority, when he finds out, goes into treatment, recovers health and able to lead a normal life like anybody else.
But it is denied us. If an employer discovers that he has a patient with HIV on its staff, resigns - the, under any pretext, to get rid of future problems, which are theoretical.

This is because the employer does not want to risk all alone to face the burden of any disease:
Admissions, licensing, to control absences, etc..
All this makes the person with HIV is considered an employee, an employee unattractive.
We must change that, creating tax incentives to those who employ the HIV-positive.

Unemployed, we are a social burden. We are depending on public welfare, often precarious, our families, mostly low-income, and lose our life quality and expectancy.
Employees, take care better for our health, consume more, pay taxes and live happy, productive and independent.

December first is for this: The employer / employee / employee / government relationship needs to change.

No point in creating an endless number of laws that forbid employers to dismiss HIV-positive; ha laws and laws prohibiting an endless number of things and they keep happening, even prohibited. Or a law banning drug trafficking ended up with the traffic?
Instead, rather than simply "protect" the person with HIV, through legal provisions, laudable of course, to punish the company and / or person who incurred the crime of discrimination, we must encourage the employer to maintain, through benefit tax, as already said, and the creation of a bank of hours, the person with HIV healthy and fit to work in his usual position.

Craft fairs, I repeat, do not solve anything. Not all people have the manual dexterity to do so or are interested in such office. And everyone has the right to exercise their profession, who learned to develop with merits and effort often diuturno. The serological status does not undo these merits. The way the individual "caught" the virus should not enter into the question, because it does not change for better or worse the quality of the professional in question. Must always remain the condition of being human, worthy of respect, not pity, above all else.

Meanwhile, the society must be aware, the media, on the security of living with the HIV-positive.

The press in general owe it to the people in their mister to inform and enlighten.
The awareness campaigns should be jackpots for those who understands the subject, for those who live it and who knows the subject thoroughly.

The social view of AIDS is mistaken. NOT die like flies. And do not transmit the disease by air, by shaking hands or social contact.
Sexual intercourse must be protected, but it is not only to prevent AIDS. It is to prevent syphilis, gonorrhea, hepatitis, condyloma acuminata and a myriad of STDs that are equally or more dangerous than HIV infection. Plus, avoid unwanted pregnancies, or worse, teenage pregnancy.

This social vision on the IDA needs to be right, corrected. And only the means of mass communication, in partnership with nongovernmental organizations and the Government is able to repair the damage caused by themselves and by the scientific community at a time when there was very little light on the problem.

Do you consider that the population is properly informed?Click Here.

Think I'm exaggerating? That prejudice is not so big?Click Hereand thenClick Here

Believes that no one dares more?Click Here

Sit - be safe because he lives a "stable relationship"?Click Hereand reach the conclusion that it is not as safe as well.

Then look at the testimonials section personal stories of women who have contracted the virus from their husbands and who open their hearts here in the desire that this does not repeat ...

AIDS is a problem for all without distinction possible gender or "way of life". But it is no longer the death sentence or the "revenge of God" (...).

And you can change these things with awareness and enlightenment, information and goodwill.

We have excellent coverage, with respect to treatment, medication and tests, at least for now. But this alone is not enough. If we can live (and this is a natural right of every person) on health, we might as well work for our own sustenance and that of our families (we are fathers and mothers), we are not discriminated by our HIV status.

Of all the symptoms of AIDS the worst of them still remains, and 20 years later, in a world where most have TV and internet access, prejudice.
Urge that to change, and change for the better.
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