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Giving medicines within the hour limits of HIV infection is not a cure, say doctors who are treating a baby in Milan, Italy.

The newborn baby eliminated the virus from its bloodstream, but HIV re - emerged shortly after the antiretroviral treatment stopped.

Doctors hoped that rapid treatment could prevent HIV from becoming stable in the body.

Experts say there was "still some way to go" before a cure was found.

Drug treatment has come a long way since HIV caught the attention of the world in the 80 years and the infection is no longer a death sentence.

However, antiretrovirals only remove the virus from the bloodstream leaving HIV reserves in other untouched organs.

The hope was that action before the reserves were formed was an effective cure.

The HIV Baby

Doctors at the University of Milan and the Don Gnocchi Foundation in the city reported a case, in the Lancet medical journal, a baby born to a mother with HIV in 2009.

Drug treatment began shortly after birth and the virus quickly disappeared from the bloodstream. HIV was undetectable at the age of three years.

Doctors said, "In view of these results, and recent reports of the apparent cure of HIV infection, and in agreement with the mother, we have stopped antiretroviral therapy."

For a week everything seemed fine, but by the second week after the treatment was stopped, the virus had returned.

The Prof. Mario Clerici of the University of Milan told the BBC news website: "Only a few hours after the infection, the virus had already begun to sow the organs and hide then the therapy can not eradicate HIV.


"You can treat patients, but you can not cure them. Now this is impossible. "

As if we did not have problems in bulk, there are still some ignorant wanting to criminalize HIV. This will only worsen the situation if it consolidates itself. Ridiculous
As if we did not have problems in bulk, there are still some ignorant wanting to criminalize HIV. This will only worsen the situation if it consolidates itself. Ridiculous

In July, an HIV-positive US baby believed to have been cured after very early treatment was found to be harboring the virus. Doctors said trials in the four-year-old Mississippi child indicated that she was no longer remission.

She appeared to be HIV-free by March, without treatment for nearly two years.

"A cure for HIV is still at zero," said Prof. Clerici.

Distant probability

Commenting on the findings of Profa. Sanjaya Senanayake of the Australian University Medical School said: "This case shows that undetectable HIV in the blood does not mean that the body is free of the virus and that there is still some way to go before a cure is found."

Only one person has been "cured" of HIV.

At 2007, Timothy Ray Brown received a bone marrow transplant from a donor with a rare genetic mutation that resists HIV.

Note that the surgery that made you is extremely risky and that of each 5 patients who do, one survives ....

He has not shown signs of infection for more than five years.

By James Gallagher, Editor of the Health Section of the BBC News Website

Editor's Note Soropositivo.Org:

Here come the irresponsible ones of the superinterestante magazine and they publish: "AIDS: Healing in sight".


Translated by Rodrigo Pellegrini Sgobbi

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