No matter their religion. If your God is Allah, Adonai, God, I wish, Buddha, Siddhartha, does not matter. It is important that, in his name (s), if do good

A Christmas Carol, which gives me hope in difficult times

It was in December 2000.

I had just met in a list of discussions a lawyer, a city in Goiás Interior which, if not memory serves, was the city of Jataí.

Forgive me who has love to geographic accuracy, but even I'm not sure that the city is in Goias ...

The fact is that she, Dr. Simone Perhaps, gave me a case of dismissal for cause against a company that did just that against a person living with HIV in those years of lead.

We published the news, but this site has undergone many hacker attacks, and some of them I know who sponsored (a coward worm which recorded a similar field with my and stayed there for a year and abandoned all hope they have placed on it) and muiya thing lost, unfortunately.

However, the largest bank data on the AIDS History in Brazil is in my hands and I keep as a Sentinel Tiger. MS things were lost

I remember from that time was to keep this site and how hard it was!

Then Dr. Simone told me the story of a pine tree that dreamed of being christmas tree.

The other pines laughed at him because he was also a withered pine tree and no one would want it.

But he grew up, and one day (!), He was chosen!

He was taken to a house, decorated for a month and the joy was made around it, which raised joys to Heaven.

On Christmas Eve then, what joy! It was all around him. Gifts, children, adults, the elderly, the songs and the night was wonderful.

Then he was taken to the basement of the house and was ... there, forgotten ... The other things forgotten the house laughed at him because they would be and he had no idea which would still be your destination.

One day the men of the house came and laid him on a log and with painful blows of an ax had begun to undo our hero who, in the midst of so much pain, could not understand why they did that to him until they took him to the fireplace the house on a very cold night.

Finally (!!!) he realized his destiny (...) and decided to give him their best light, my greatest heat and heat that family (tears here).

Then their cinazas were thrown away, an apparently sterile field ....

There, according to legend, was born the most leafy forests!

I do not think I'm like this pine, because my light is too tibia and I mumble.

But apparently, God has given me, after nearly fifteen years of excesses and follies on the earth, against women and against life, possibility of working in His Seara, the way I know to do. It is a small and limited way, in view of the great figures which even dare compare myself.

I'm just a servant of God, without religion (my religion is God); I was spiritualist, but I got tired of the spirit, because they almost always say "the higher spirituality solve things" and this causes me agonizing spasms. Spirituality is the Superior Superior Spirituality precisely because solve your problems, not waiting for the other to solve.

Think about it.

Not wish to generate forests, this ambition can take them to madness ...

On the night of Gethsemane, with bloody tears, Christ asked three of His apostles slept, "Not for an hour could watch with me?"

Headquarters especially vigilant ....

In a book of Chico I read the following sentence:

"Persevere in well with the certainty that you will live forever! If any day you feel alone, remember Jesus. One day, he was also alone, crucified, abandoned, on top of a hill, looking enemies and free ungrateful beneficiaries. Given the human conceptualization, he was all alone ... But He with God, and God with him, formed majority, before the baying pack ...

Peace be with you!

Aleiko Salam!


Yes, this is the photo of me! My niece asked me to put this picture on my profile! .... I had here a description of me that one person described as "irreverent". This is really a euphemistic way of classifying what was here. All I know is that an "NGO" which occupies a building of 10 floors has established a partnership with me, and I have the logs of the partnership time, which was more a vampirism because for each 150 people leaving my site, clicking on them, there was, on average, one that came in. WHEN I ENTERED AND ENTERED

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