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Husband hitting his wifeThe assaults on women occur in different ways, and can be veiled or explicit enough. A survey by the Institute AvonIn partnership with Data Popular, shows that violence against women is a common practice and widespread than many imagine. The study, called "Domestic Violence: the young is on," was made from interviews with 2 thousand young people between 16 and 24 years in all regions of Brazil. Although the majority of respondents (96%) approve the Maria da Penha Law and recognize the existence of machismo in Brazil, more than half of men (55%) reported having assaulted a woman in some way, either pushing, beating, humiliating in public or prohibiting using any type of clothing.

Unfortunately, violence against women is still far from over in Brazil. However, it is important that men become aware of what is in fact violence. Be violent with a woman is not only hit or hurt physically. When a woman is walking alone down the street and is harassed by an unknown, many feel cornered, scared. But many men consider it a way of praising the woman! This is a great nonsense and needs to be changed! When we speak of men and women who have a loving relationship, we can see that the rise of social networks helps to enhance the control and submission. More than half of the women interviewed in the survey (51%) said they had given the phone's password to the partner and 46% shared the password Facebook.

Much of this aggressive behavior is stimulated by the macho culture of our society and by the family. According to the survey,Physical Aggression 43% of young people have seen their mother being assaulted by a male partner. 64% of young men who admitted to have practiced some form of violence against a partner witnessed scenes of domestic violence at home. In Brazil, it is common to blame the victim in cases of rape and assault against women. When seeking to understand the reasons why a serious crime such as rape occurred, it is customary to place part of the blame on the woman, or she was wearing very short clothes, or she was too provocative, among other reasons. This kind of thinking protects the perpetrator and helps to perpetuate sexist and misogynistic culture that has always been with us. Many men today do not know that sex without consent, even with the girlfriend or wife, is considered sexual violence and yields imprisonment from the 2 6 years in prison, according to 12.015 law.

For this negative picture change, it is necessary we women know better our rights! There must be an awareness of what is gender violence and women can not be afraid to report! The certainty of impunity is the fuel of aggressive and violent behavior. Cultural changes do not happen quickly, and therefore, the whole society should charge the government and police strict action against the perpetrators. The laws to protect women, like Maria da Penha Law, are severe but still not fulfilled. And this needs to change immediately. After all, the lives of many women is, right now, at risk!

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