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Volunteer in the fight against AIDS

Volunteer in the fight against AIDS

You can participate in this struggle, improve the lives of people living with HIV or AIDS and help prevent further!

The Fight Against AIDS is celebrating 32 years in the world.

Voluntary action is dignified human being. Do good to look at who is a phrase of Chico Xavier. I remember a very remote time when my eldest was very ill and no doctor could solve the problem when indicated me a benzedor. At the time I would have, will do to save my daughter, gone to a black mass. but aparecu the benzedor and I went. His house, a hut in fact, was very poor and household utensils him were old and worn out; all that's living memory in my mind because I had intended to give something back any minimum benefit he did to my daughter. The black man, almost an old man, calloused hands took my beloved creature in his arms and, with a rue branch began muttering prayers at an astounding rate and rue dried visibly; My daughter came out cured. I wanted to give everything I had in àquelehomem pocket he had done, with the intercession of God, a miracle, but he refused. What I remember most, and muitras times see it applied to my life p'ropria is a sentence of Emmanuel: "Who dares to do good and charity must have courage to endure ingratitude." With the case of the signatures for the petition Avaast, I arrived almost begging I felt just like that

At the beginning of the epidemic, there was a lot of panic generating attitudes of discrimination. Consequently, there was a huge mobilization of people and institutions that have pledged to confront prejudice and reduce discrimination. Today, we see what is happening down on activism fight against AIDSBut, on the other hand, the outbreak of the disease continues to increase.

The spread of AIDS is occurring primarily in people living in poverty, which leads to the need for greater involvement of civil society in supporting people living with HIV / AIDS. Also the growth of the epidemic shows the need for greater involvement of society in prevention in the community where each person lives, at work, in labor unions, public institutions, the civil society organizations and community associations.

Volunteering is an act of citizenship and solidarity that brings personal fulfillment to anyone who does. Volunteering is spontaneously devote part of their time to work for the social and community well.

Working as a volunteer is also a learning experience, since you'll learn to better divide up our time, met people of very different realities from which it is used, thus assuming responsibility for a less unequal society posture.

The State Department of Health, through its Office of STD / AIDS is initiating the formation of a group of volunteers called "FRIENDS OF PREVENTION AND CITIZENSHIP" who will be trained to work in various areas related to prevention and citizenship. Areas of focus will be:

Prevention Campaign in the community, in the workplace and next to specific populations; Actions to support and care for persons living with HIV / AIDS (Home visits, hospital, etc.). Voluntary Support Homes of assisting people living with HIV / AIDS and other NGOs / AIDS; Volunteer for online dissemination of best practices in prevention and solidarity in social networks.

Next Tuesday, day 27 May from the 8 17 hours, A training course for the training of the first group of volunteers in the auditorium of FUNESA, Basil Lane in Rock, No 33, Getúlio Vargas, Aracaju / SE (near the old Eastern Railway Station) will be held. Shall be entered 50 people. Registration may be made by telephone at the State Management DST / AIDS (3226-8322) or in person in Building Maria Feliciana (Sergipe State Bank Building), 18 floor, in the center of Aracaju.

Can also be made via email:; joseaugusto.oliveira @

Facing the AIDS epidemic is not only the obligation of the government. Civil society must also do their part.


You can contribute your skills, talents, or simply their willingness to help.

His work can help improve the lives of people with HIV / AIDS and reduce the vulnerability of many people who are exposed to HIV infection.

Seropositive the Web Site Editor Note: The following text is excerpted from the site

It is a brief account of what I was able to watch, say, personally. An act of love that loomed up and became a reference in the fight against AIDS in Rio de Janeiro:

A MAIS Brasil - Movement of Support for Social Inclusion in Brazil was born in 2005 Christmas, from the initiative of Renata Cholbi Music researcher to collect food and toys with friends and through the Orkut social networking site, to donate to HIV + mothers and children Servers Hospital the State (HSE), in Rio de Janeiro. But she did not stop there. Gathered with a group of friends in the community "support mothers and children with HIV," Renata Cholbi, one of the most authentic volunteers in the fight against AIDS has started a project of social inclusion, initially aimed at mothers and children living with HIV, just the first public had the opportunity to meet.

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