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Buses will advise on violence against women

sexual abuse em onibus

Last week, police arrested two suspects of abusing women on subway trains

SAO PAULO, Brazil, March 29 (Folhapress) - The City of St. Paul received this week a bus that will circulate around town with a team that will provide guidance to women in situations of violence.

The staff teach women how to report abuse and seek help in organs of Justice and Health, as well as provide guidance on employment and income.

The initiative is a partnership of the Fernando Haddad (PT) with the federal government. The bus must circulate the outskirts of the city, where there is high incidence of women at risk among the first served neighborhoods is Parelheiros (south side).

According to Secretary of Policy for Women, Denise Motta Dau, the idea is that in addition to the county teams, an agreement with WPS ensures the presence of a delegate to record occurrences in cases of egregious violence.

The bus, which begins to move in the next day 2 April, has two treatment rooms, laptops, projectors, 50 chairs and adapted bathrooms.

The vehicle already circulating in other cities in Greater São Paulo.

The inauguration of the city bus was taken at an event in the presence of Mayor Haddad and Minister Eleonora Menicucci (Secretariat of Policies for Women of the Presidency).

Abuse on trains

The minister said after the event that studies start a campaign against violence against women within the public transport.

Last week, police arrested two suspects of abusing women on subway trains.

Menicucci said that such attitudes are worthy of repudiation. "The federal government regrets that happen. It's a violence against women, and in this case happens when the woman is going to or coming from work. What is in our power to avoid this will be done, "said the minister.

Sexual violence against women: from soropositivo.org Editor's note. Another way, and this disgusting practice of violence against women.

I think our very well paid lawmakers could find a way to fit this into rape, for the bastard spend some time behind bars feeling "in the fold" as it's good to be abused

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