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AIDS - This Is not the End

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What's in your head when you hear the HIV or AIDS words? You know the difference between the two words? The forms of infection and prevention? Have the courage to stay with a person with HIV? And if your (a) partner (a) discover seropositive, you could maintain a relationship with that person? Did you know that 250 thousand Brazilians have the AIDS virus and do not know? You can be infected and not know. Have you done an HIV test? Why not?
Unfortunately, many people feel they can only contract the AIDS virus if they are drug users, if they have the habit of having multiple sex partners or homosexual condition. And the reality is not that.

At the same time, there are those who believe that may be contaminated by sitting in the same chair of a virus carrier or through a kiss. Others believe that healing and immunodeficiency already has, therefore, tend to be less, which is the number of infected increase.

Given this scenario, we seek to clarify the real risks and show the reality of people infected despite still living, working, loving, being loved - and sex.

Testimonies, reports and health professional guidelines and moving interviews with people who count as are defiled, they deal with the disease and the impact that had on immunodeficiency their lives and relationships. HIV can affect anyone, including me, including you.
Documentary produced by Alan Junior de Queiroz and Jamile Luisa Maluly on HIV and AIDS.

I lived terror of diagnosis. At the time, nothing was known about the disease and my chances of survival was six months.

This happened almost twenty years ago ...


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