HIV infects and prevents the proper function of neurons

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Among neuropathies, dementia symptoms appear faster than in Alzheimer's.

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Being "neurotropic"Ie, like neurons and of the central nervous system, human immunodeficiency virus - HIV wreaks havoc in the brain of patients HIV positive. He not only infects, it also prevents the proper function of the neuron (cell responsible for passing nerve impulses) causing symptoms of dementia call the HIV or dementia complex AIDS. According to Dr. Denis Bichuetti neurologist, it is a neurological impairment caused by pp anonymous HIV, Which destroys the glial cells responsible for nutrition and survival of nervous tissue. The consequences can be loss of memory, reasoning, motor coordination and even hallucinations and delusional idea. The framework evolves slightly faster than Alzheimer's disease.

Besides dementia, there are a number of neurological disorders associated with HIV being caused by various opportunistic infections (taking advantage of the weakened immune system caused by HIV). These include tuberculosis, cryptococcosis, toxoplasmosis and PML (progressive multifocal leukoencephalopathy). The latter is an infection caused by the JC virus and its main symptoms are motor loss, seizures and altered behavior, all occurring subacute form (in weeks).

To detect the disease - Techniques for diagnosing neurological impairment by HIV do not differ much from those used conventionally: CT, MRI, etc. LRC collection. The difference is in the use of laboratory techniques called serology and PCR (quantitative examination or viral load), which identify the specific infectious agents when the clinic is frustrated and so much earlier than through culture, which can take days or weeks. Magnetic resonance imaging of the brain is another test that can show changes necessary variables and even show scars, but the result it needs to be linked to the clinical, laboratory results and imaging, all combined. [14]

Progression and treatment of dementia

In contamination by HIV, Neurological aggression occurs early. But the clinical (symptom), typically occur later. To prevent disease, it is essential to have a good control of viral load and cell CD4 (defense cells attacked by HIV and destroyed for their multiplication in the body). "The best treatment is to control the HIVCarried out by an infectious disease. When symptoms of neurological diseases appear, you must also follow up with a neurologist to treat the symptoms, "said Dr. Denis.

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