Candidiasis or Thrush

The "frog", also called candidiasisIs a disease caused by a fungus (Candida albicans). Everyone has this fungus both from and within their bodies. It can be found under the skin, stomach, colon and rectum, vagina, and mouth and throat. In most cases, the Candida albicans is harmless and even helps keep bacterial levels in order. Sometimes, however, there is excessive growth of the fungi can lead to a number of problems.

Both HIV-positive people as HIV-negative can develop candidiasis. Many women suffer from fungal vaginal infections, a type of candidiasis. Similarly, a person may experience a growth of fungi in your mouth or behind your neck. Stress, a poor diet, or little rest may contribute to these problems. A person taking antibiotics for bacterial infections over a long period can also develop thrush in your mouth or vagina. The mouth candidiasis (oral thrush) can also occur in people who inhaled steroids, such as those accustomed to treat asthma and other lung problems.

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Poor oral hygiene and smoking can also contribute to an exaggerated increase of fungi in the mouth. Heavy consumption of alcohol and sugar has also been linked to the development of candidiasis.

In HIV-positive people, oral candidiasis and vaginal fungal infection can occur at any time, regardless of their CD4 cell count. The more the immune sitema becomes damaged, most often oral candidiasis and vaginal fungal infection become recurrent. HIV-positive with damaged immune systems, usually with CD4 cell count below 200, are more likely to develop a deeper candidiasis in their bodies, such as the esophagus or lungs. Like many opportunistic infections, candidiasis will usually improve or resort less frequently to antiretroviral therapy significantly increase the count of CD4 cells.

Translation Rodrigo S. Pellegrini

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