HPV vaccine should immunize more than 67,8 thousand girls and 10 11 years

Vaccine against HPV, which causes cervical cancer

The Paraíba shall immunize 67.873 meninas with age and 10 11 years against papillomavirus (HPV), The main cause of cervical cancer. According to the Ministry of Health, HPV vaccine will be available from March 2014 in public health. Data of the Technical Coordination of Women's Health, the Ministry of Health (SES), show that in the last two years 196 women died from cervical cancer in Paraíba. Deaths were 86 2011 and 110 in 2012.

The coordinator of the Technical Area of ​​Women's Health of SES, Fátima Moraes, explained that in addition to protecting against cervical cancer, the vaccine also protects against genital warts and the 16 and 18 viruses, which are the biggest cause of cervical cancer. "I understand that the vaccine has a high cost and I think the Ministry of Health had to cut back on this age group, since immunization among girls who have not yet started sex was a choice based on studies that prove the effectiveness of the vaccine in people who have not yet had contact with the virus, so I find this age ideal since the girls' sex lives are starting earlier and earlier. But I believe that in the future this age group will be expanded, "commented the coordinator.

According to the Ministry of Health, the vaccine will be available in about five thousand posts, between public and private schools (in the form of campaign) and health units, on a permanent basis. The estimation is that in Brazil 2013 occurs in 17,5 thousand new cases of cancer of the cervix, Which is a major cause of HPV.

The federal government's target is to achieve 80% of over 3,3 million people considered target audience. At first, will be available 12 million doses just for girls. With the cost of the vaccine will be spending £ 30 per unit, totaling R $ million 452,5.

The vaccine is administered in three doses, and protect against four HPV subtypes: 6, 11, and 16 18 - the last two are the ones that cause the increased risk of cancer. In 70% of cancers of the cervix, no trace of the presence of subtypes and 16 18.

Vaccination will be done on girls in this age group, at intervals of two and six months between the second and third doses, respectively. According to the Ministry of Health, the vaccine does not eliminate the need to use condoms and the realization of Pap smears. Even protecting against higher proportion of cancers, not protect 100%.

More information - According to data from the Ministry of Health, an average of 685,4 thousand cases of HPV per year are recorded. Cervical cancer causes 4,8 a thousand deaths on average per year. In 2011, 5,1 were one thousand deaths. From January to March of 2013, 5,6 thousand hospitalizations were made for cervical cancer, with which R $ 7,6 million were spent. The estimate is that 2011 and 2014 spend more than $ 382 million on investments in the disease.

The World Health Organization (WHO) estimates that there 291 million women with HIV in the world, of which 32% are infected by types and 16 18. According to WHO, studies show that 80% of sexually active female population will be infected. In Brazil, the entity estimates that 685 thousand women are infected annually by the virus.


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