Secular State? And Religious Pressure in campaigns on STD / AIDS and Abortion?

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The religious pressure, especially evangelical, in the decisions on campaigns to prevent STD / AIDS and Abortion in Brazil

secularismAs political maneuvering and solutions to dig vacancies in ministries, IPCs and federal committees, parties have made increasing efforts to put their representatives among the members of local government areas and, thus, more special interests have influenced the direction and goals regulatory commissions, research and suggesting improvements where anyone who loses is increasingly the population.

When we talk of crises in national politics, think directly in corruption. However, a fact that has increasingly hindered the advancement of significant improvements in the national politicization are the religious leaders who place instead of population benefit interests first. For example, we can cite national evangelical bench as the most serious epidemic plaguing our current health care system.

rapes but not abort
Unfortunate phrase uttered by some politicians and even some religious in days of verbal diarrhea

For liturgical issues like homophobia and opposition to abortion, for example, often see laws that can deal with real problems and increasingly worrisome in the country being barred with no social basis, but with ideological reasons. It is common to see social proposals that have prevented their advance by a religious movement that argues against the logic of a secular state, such as Brazil intended to be.

The issue of AIDS

Especially on the issue of the National Programme on awareness, treatment and / or prevention of STD / AIDS and abortion, there is much religious pressure. The big problem here are theabortion-on-pedophile-si arguments, including difficult budgetary or logistic analyzes, entering only in vague merits as the criminalization of homosexuality or sex alone. And such arguments
start to have a negative effect on the country: as a result, the number of infected young gay men in the country almost doubled in ten years. Also, while other countries move in discussions on issues relating to abortion, for example, Brazil backs strides before any mention that there is on the subject.

The contradiction of the secular state

The religious influence we see in prevention campaigns in a state that is secular says at least contradictory. Every day, new controversial figures gain status true voices of the religious population. Delivering contradictory messages to the secular state prejudiced and often worthy of totalitarian states such as Germany, Hitler or North Korea, Kim Jong-Un.

Figures like Marco Feliciano that before political, identifies himself as pastor, are extremely harmful in their positions, not open possibilities for arguments, as

MarcoFelicianoAlanMarquesFolhaall his controversial and biased opinions are legitimized on the basis of religious beliefs and common sense. The idea is that by treating STDs, for example, will encourage the practice of premarital sex. STD / AIDS problem countries even less developed than Brazil, is seen as it was 30 years: a disease of homosexuals, which can only be acquired through sexual intercourse between persons of the same sex. A real setback for a country that should be free of Biblical pressures that overwhelm people's needs.

Nevertheless, while prosper in. [ítica exchange of positions by votes and especially religious influence in the life of the National Congress, which was to look after the interest of all, without admitting religious pressure on sensitive issues like STD / AIDS and Abortion I fear for a gloomy horizon, with a possible, entirely preventable, humanitarian crisis religious pressure only bring setbacks

Claudio de Souza Santos

Evil in its essence ...
Only a very innocent person does not see the cynicism of expression of this man (???) ...

Everything is about power and money. What they want men with money and power? More money and more power ...!

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