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Twenty dollars. That was the amount that a dealer 55 year paid to a child of 10 to have sex with him. The crime was caught by officers of 27 Precinct Police (Recanto Emas) yesterday morning. Around 8h, an anonymous tip led police to the house of the accused, the court's Corner 102 Emas. "He opened the door, pretended that nothing was happening. Suspicious, the officers did a search and found the girl in the garage of the house, hidden inside the car. He said it was grandfather of the girl, but soon her parents were located, "said the deputy head of 27 Precinct, Pablo Aguiar. At the police station, the older sister of the victim, 14 years, also found that having sex with the suspect for money. According to the mother of the victims, money, donation regarded by parents was used to buy food.

The accused met the family of the victims in an evangelical church in town. "He looked like a good friend. Helped us a lot, every week was going to worship with us, "says the father of two children, who maintains the house with nozzles in construction. The family's income is, on average, £ 300 per month. According to the patriarch, the merchant paid many favors to the family. "There was a month when he paid the bill and the gas canister," he says. The case confirms the national polls of the Brazilian Institute of Criminal Sciences, released in 1 of May, and Ministry of Health Experience with Data System (Monitoring of Accidents and Violence), 22 of May. According to surveys, 85% of cases of sexual violence against children and adolescent victims know the perpetrators (see table).


The accused came to give expensive gifts to two girls, including a computer and phones. The teen years revealed 14 the delegate Pablo Aguiar what happened before the merchant gift her computer: "He grabbed me, pulled my clothes, beat me. The other day, I gave the notebook. "The children's mother said she considered strange man's dedication to family. "I felt weird, but I'd rather believe he was an angel helping us, he seemed so religious," says the mother.

The parents of the two girls say they were unaware that the girls attended the suspect's home. "He showed up here and offered the girls a ride. Because school is out, they always accepted and we thought he was doing a favor. I did not know they were missing and went to school there, "says the mother of the victims.

The girl 10 years would be abused for about two months. "According to her, at first, were necking. Today (yesterday) was the first sexual intercourse, "explains the deputy head. Since the girl was abused 14 years earlier. The first time would have been at the beginning of last year, according to the delegate Pablo Aguiar. The merchant denies the crimes.

In early 2011, the suspect was accused by another girl 14 years for the same crime. Second record of the occurrence, the girl's father became suspicious when the dealer offered money for his eldest son, the victim's brother, bring girls to his house. "At the time, the suspect claimed that the girl's father owed a lot of money to him and that the complaint was only to hurt you," says Pablo Aguiar. The case is still pending. At flagrant yesterday, the dealer will be indicted for rape of vulnerable. The penalty is the 5 15 for each case.

In jeopardy

Surveys released in May detailing the violence suffered by children and adolescents and outline the profile of offenders:

»35% of sexual crimes are committed against children

"Sexual abuse is the second type of aggression more common against Brazilian children

"The majority of violence occurs in the child's residence (64,5%)

"In relation to the medium used for aggression, body strength / beating was the most pointed (22,2%), reaching more boys (23%) than girls (21,6%).

»73% of cases of violence victims are female

"In 85% of cases, offenders know victims

"In 68% of cases, the perpetrators are relatives

"In 80% of cases, the attackers do not have criminal antecedents.

"In 58% of cases, the perpetrators refuse to receive treatment

"In most cases, do not have abusers psychiatric disorders, but disorders have personality and sometimes psychopathic disorders

»90% of offenders have the capacity to control their own behavior

»90% of the abuses are not detected

Sources: Survey of the Brazilian Institute of Criminal Sciences,

1 released in May Day, and Research Ministry of Health with data Viva System (Monitoring of Accidents and Violence), released in May 22.


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