I am married, I had extramarital affairs and it gave me reagents!

Extra marital relationship This is usually how Hell begins. In the square, or at home, a fight begins. And each one goes to the side that he / she understands. "Give a break". And, in some cases, a little escape. Nothing wrong with that, happens all the time and if people do not feel they own each other, it's very important to understand this: "No one is anyone's." But use a condom

I am married, I had extramarital affairs and it gave me reagents! I betrayed My Wife and contracted HIV

We have on this site a poll that aims to get the percentages of people who have been tested for HIV and what percentage Gave reagent And what percentage has given negative and other nuances of the HIV / AIDS issue, exams, results and consequences.

The poll was complex and I had more than ten different answers and I was struck by the fact that, although it has a low percentage, it is worrying. The answer is as follows:

I am married, had extramarital affairs, took the test, was positive, I believe that defiled my wife and now do not know how to act!

Gave reagent

"Taxi Girl"

Not knowing how to act in this case means fear. Fear of losing a wife, because "positive" is the fear that HIV infection has to lose family support, fear of prejudice, a little guilt, the idea of ​​having been caught with "the mouth in the bottle when it gave reagent "And now he may have defiled his wife, and thereby attract the fury of the wife's family, be it" home "or entrepreneurial, she will be seen by all as the great victim e. in fact, she is, because she can not even begin a dialogue to keep condom use at risk of slapping or even punching her face! I met one person, who worked as a reviewer on this site, Amaryllis, Who had the wisdom and humility to say to the "husband" (pulha):

- "I am not silly and I know that home (...) betray. I just ask you to think about AIDS, and when you have sex with someone, use a condom. "

Amaryllis died, I think, about ten years ago, a victim of an opportunistic illness that was due to AIDS contracted by the filthy coward who, in addition to betraying her, although with consent, was not able to carry dignity in himself and, besides To destroy, a right of all to self-destroy, I think, destroyed the health and. Consequently the life of Amaryllis. This is a real fact, a personal friend whom I liked very, very much ....

It is a natural fear. I went through something similar, with the difference that I was not married and it was, in my case, a person whom I loved very much and who ended up with me on the phone telling me he said horrible things ... My fear was about what She would tell me because I knew I could have transmitted the disease to her, which did not happen, and I forgot the very palpable hypothesis that it might have been to contaminate me, as, indeed, it was not.

The heart of the matter in this case is not what can happen after the baleful revelation. It is just the opposite. It is necessary to give the person involved the possibility of having a rapid diagnosis, in order to obtain the best possibility of obtaining the treatment more quickly and also, who knows, the possibility to make the PEP (Post Exposure Prophylaxis) (Up to 72 hours) To try to avoid the "gave reagent too".

It is essential that people desencapsulem up their selfish positions to make room for a certain sense of responsibility to allow, to the other, the possibility of obtaining the best possible treatment in the shortest possible time, just as is happening to you now; anything to escape this is the most irresponsible.

Do not go into the merits of betrayal, because this seems to be a sport much practiced in this century and the previous well. In fact I'm not a moralist pseudo nor hypocritical to raise this flag.

The banner I raise here is that of responsibility and ethics in the face of the risk of the reagent giving test.

Well, lacked responsibility to maintain an extramarital relationship without condom use. The way, then, is to show responsibility when it comes to caring for the health of the "other", even if it means a loving loss in your life, caused by none other than you. It is not even the extramarital relationship, is a careless their own health that seems to extend to your partner ... You need to open the game with them.

This is for granted and it is not for discussion in this regard.

It is a serious mistake to let a day that is not communicating to the other person the situation, bordering the complete irresponsibility.

To you who answered the survey with the answer already mentioned I can only say that it is time and time to take your mistakes and bear the consequences with due resignation and communicateethics the people involved, the truth, no matter who it hurts, if I had a religion, I would say, among other possibilities as to be anti-Christian take action like this ...

But I do not know if you are Christian or Satanist ...

I would advise women to double the dose of caution. Do not wait for the CTA psychologist to tell you:

- "gave reagent"

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  1. Maria Eunice ferras // 11 November 2017 to 22: 18 //

    I have 51 years and I was always very unhappy in wrong marriage, I separated in 2011 and in 2013 I met the man of my life, a lot of passion and love, he has 69 years, in 2014 he discovered that it is positive serum, we never use a condom and in order I took and it's not reagent! Luck and miracle. The love of my life, was rejected by the children, suffered mistreatment.And I decided to take care of him, Immunity zerou, was hospitalized, besides mine in God, I gave the best of me, it was eight months of fear of death hit and I I would give my life for him. I devoted myself to the utmost and God gave him the chance to go around. He is the savior of my life on this planet! My love is firm and strong! I'm happy and I do everything for him!

    • Cláudio Souza // 15 November 2017 to 10: 05 //

      I am very happy for you and for him! I know it is a "high wave to surf" but the complete accomplishment of a navigation like this is something unspeakable in terms of happiness. Vis pacem, to bellum. Take care

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