Sexual abuse of children and adolescents: Individuals above suspicion

There were three cases in six days. Attackers are married and have children

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Gabriela Coelho, with agencies

In less than a week, three DF recorded crimes of sexual abuse against children, adolescents and women. What is striking is that these recent cases, the alleged abusers have an apparently normal life. Are married and have children, at first, above suspicion. In the last few records, the victims did not know the criminals. The feature runs counter to the statistics, since most of the abuse, the perpetrators are known. Often family.

Prohibit Corporal Punishment by LawOn Thursday last, an employee at a telecommunications company was arrested suspected of raping a teenage girl who was alone at home, at Corner of Emas. On the same day, a pastor 36, was arrested for abusing four children in Aguas Lindas (GO). On Monday, a man was arrested for raping four women. JAA, 44, who claimed to be the superintendent of the Environment of the City of Goiás Planaltina, if passed by the driver of transporting pirate.

According to the deputy head of the Bureau for the Protection of Children and Adolescents (DPCA), Valeria Martirena the past six months, 27 suspected of sexual abuse against minors were arrested in DF. "All were known to the victim or kept some coexistence," he says.


Valerie explains that in general, the attackers do not raise suspicion. "They are good neighbors, good coworkers, which produces more confusion because no one expected an attitude so degrading," he says.

The supervisor of the Reference Center for Sexual Violence in Infancy, Viviane Amaral, explains that there are several types of sexual violence. "Not only occurs when there is penetration, but by a series of activities, such as going hand in the body, touching genitalia, simulated intercourse, exhibitionism and nudity encouraging," he explains.

More victims of technical

Two other victims of WS telecommunications technician, 34 years, were to report to the police station. SAT and HPR, both of 25 years, were at home when they received two technicians for repairs on TV. "He looked at me in a strange way, as if to devour me. When the technician came out the other closely, he surrounded me and ran his hand on my breasts. I panicked and did not know what to do, "says T. unattended

She says that because she cried not froze. "When I was 12 years I was abused by a relative.

And all the coach did was exactly like what I experienced. Only those who experienced it knows how we feel, "he says. The woman says she was quiet with the arrest of the suspect, but still feels threatened. "I do not know when it will come out. I get persecution mania. I think everyone is looking at me and anyone is suspicious, "he says.


According to Viviane Amaral, of the Childhood, victims who suffer abuse are children from three to nine years. "At this age, children are dependent on responsible and are afraid to express themselves. Feel embarrassed or even scared of what might happen, "he said.

According to the supervisor, the behavior after the abuse varies. "Everything depends on the family environment. Some children are more aggressive, others withdraw. Some are ashamed of the body, other peeing in bed and feel night terrors. We also those who feel guilty and no longer speak. A lot depends on the child, "he says.


Article 244 of Law 8.069 / 90 (Statute of Children and Adolescents) foresees penalty of four to ten years imprisonment and a fine for submitting child or adolescent sexual exploitation.

According to the ECA, incur the same penalties the owner, manager or responsible for the place where there is the submission of child or adolescent sexual practices.

Sexual abuse is a violation of basic rights of children and adolescents, such as the right to Sexuality healthy, respect, dignity, physical and emotional integrity, to family.

Map of Violence

Sexual violence in children up to nine years is the second largest type of violence most characteristic in this age group, leaving little behind for the reports of neglect and abandonment. In conclusion, a new survey of the Ministry of Health, Which in 2011, recorded 14.625 notifications of domestic violence, sexual and other physical assaults against children under ten years.

Sexual violence against children up to nine years represents 35% of notifications. As for neglect and abandonment have 36% of the records. The numbers are from the Surveillance system for Violence and Accidents (Viva) of Ministry of Health. Viva possible to know the frequency and severity of attacks and identify domestic violence, sexual and other forms (physical, sexual, psychological and neglect / abandonment). This type of notification became mandatory for all health facilities in Brazil last year.



Preliminary data show that sexual violence also ranks second in the age group of 10 14 years with 10,5% of notifications, second only to physical violence (13,3%). Of the 15 19 years, this type of aggression is in third place with 5,2% behind the physical violence (28,3%) and psychological (7,6%). The data indicate that 22% of records

(3.253) involved children under one year and 77% were aged one to nine years. The percentage is higher in boys (17%) than girls (11%).

Most assaults occurred in the child's home (64,5%). Regarding the medium used for aggression, body strength / beating was the most pointed (22,2%), reaching more children (23%) than girls (21,6%). In 45,6% of cases, the likely author of the violence were male. Most perpetrators are parents and other relatives, or someone living very close, as friends and neighbors.




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I think soft feathers and all this should give life in prison and not even the remains should leave there. They must rot in jail, and not even their bones could leave if they depended on me.

Sexual abuse and violância against children is like kidnapping. AS sequels are for life (...)


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