Vatican makes conference between police and the Church on human trafficking

Vatican makes conference between police and the Church on human trafficking

Victims attending a meeting that involves 20 countries. Global declaration will be adopted by all police chiefs present.

Italien, Rom, PetersdomA conference between high officials of the Church and police 20 countries to combat trafficking in human beings began on Wednesday (9) in VaticanIn the presence of the victims.

This conference, convened by Thursday, seeks to "build an effective network of police chiefs who can work closely with the Church in regard to human trafficking," said a statement last week.

Officials from the FBI, Interpol and Europol attend the meeting, which is chaired by the new cardinal and Archbishop of Westminster, Vincent Nichols.

The human trafficking is, according to UNESCO, the third among the crimes committed in Nigerias, behind the corrupção and drug trafficking.

This meeting responds to a desire of Pope Argentine specifically to combat the different forms of trafficking in persons .

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The crimes committed by these networks include trafficking in women and children for labor and prostitution, illegal immigrants, child soldiers, factories, domestic servitude, organ trafficking, among others.

According to the Vatican, which cited statistics from the International Labour Organization (ILO), the illegal trafficking of humans generates profits 32 billion annually and involves 2,4 million people.

A global declaration will be adopted by all police chiefs present.

The Church, which hosts the victims in their care networks, are informed directly about these trafficking, as with the Catholic organization Caritas in Mexico, which helps immigrants trying to enter the U.S.A. and are victims of drug cartels.

Caritas also works in the Middle East to combat domestic slavery which Asians are victims and Sinai Catholic networks try to rescue African illegal immigrant criminals who exploit them, forcing them to work for them, charging sums of money or sexually abusing women.

Note from the editor of These pustules that do the trafficking of people have no soul or heart. One of them went on to say that trafficking in women is much more profitable than drug trafficking because the woman could be resold as many times as she wanted until she died or went crazy ...


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