My First Pill: Starting HIV Treatment for the First Time

About this series: Whatever AZT or Atripla, decade or 1980 2010, a person living with HIV and was in treatment always remember your first pill. And we want to hear it. How did you handle the side effects? He was hesitant to start treatment? You had to make some ideal diets? Write out your story (between 200 and 1000 words, please!) Or shooting a video on You Tube, andShare Your Story! Do not be afraid. You can use a nickname

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26 September 2014

Not long ago I started taking my medications. I was diagnosed at the end of 2008, but not started my treatment until December last year, when my CD4 count fell to 300. As an active member of an online forum on HIV / AIDS in Brazil as well, biomedical researcher, I knew all the medications and possible side effects, none of this was new to me.

In Brazil, we have the free medicine, but not as many choices in other countries. So to start, I had to assign Viread [tenofovir], Epivir [lamivudine, 3 TC] and Sustiva [efavirenz, Stocrin]. With the exception of very vivid dreams and morning sickness (I used to take them all at once before bedtime), I suffered from vomiting all night (later found out that should have nothing to eat at least two hours before of efavirenz).

On the seventh day, taking these drugs, appeared a skin rash. I mean a HUGE rash. My whole body was full of it. One day, I had to cover clothes, [go to] work and then go to the doctor to find out what happened. Together, we were able to wash the medicine and then start other diets.

"I tried three treatments only to find that it was Tenofovir that was making me quite hives by the body."

Now I takeCombivir[AZT / 3TC] and Efavirenz. In fact, I am taking both for more than six months. Also, I have very real dreams; so I have to take Clonazepam [Klonopin] before going to bed. Otherwise, according to five to seven times during the night having horrible nightmares. As soon as I take efavirenz, about the 20 30 minutes later, I feel as if drunk and drugged. Not only that, I still have trouble waking up in the morning and so I have to change my routine work. On the other hand, I did very well with Combivir; though it causes me a bit of muscle cramps and pain, but it does not bother me so much. Another thing that sometimes feel because of Combivir is a bit sick (nausea), but it depends on what I eat. "One thing I noticed is that if I eat right and on time, do not feel sick."

My next will follow in September. I hope to be undetectable, and will solve some other issues such as a slight depression and getting up late (I believe it is a tale of efavirenz and clonazepam).

What was your pill? Was AZT or Atripla, we want to tell your story! Write your story (between 200 and 1000 words, please!) Or shooting a video on You Tube, and e-mail

Share Your Story! Do not be afraid. You can use a nickname

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