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Transvestites are sex workers by opportunity Falata in trabalhoi marketLiving with friends transvestites and transgender programs of girls realized that many of them are afraid to go to a health facility for several reasons ...
Most of them claim that they want to spend constraints because of the birth registration name ...
Others also argue that do not like to go to a UPA 24Hs same feeling bad or not addressed to a health center for not wanting to be seen as sick people ...

a friend of mine one day reported that people still associate the current sexuality and Transgender sexually transmitted diseases such as HIV / AIDS.

A group of girls from prostitution point I reported that afraid to get tested for HIV / AIDS and report that when they arrive at the hospital doctors want to just do the rapid tests to diagnose the cause of a possible symptom
such as pneumonia, severe colds, among other symptoms that are not always related to HIV / AIDS.

Regarding the Social name many already know that this is no longer a problem anymore because since August 13 2009 the Ministry of Health launched the Ordinance 1.820 which provides for the rights and

duties of health users, including the right of use of the social name.

When I asked my card with registered name at the facility near my residence had a great resistance from the facility manager, because it was totally uninformed and unprepared for such a post.

I was oriented by Carlos Alexandre Legal Advisor to the Special Coordinator of Sexual City Hall of Rio de Janeiro Diversity is the right of any people using the social name if the person feel even embarrassed not being transvestite or transsexual.

A technical detail is that the SUS card should only present the Social name without birth registration name.

making a personal research I found that few girls transvestites and transgender programs do STD testing alias almost none, some who returned from Europe and

were prostitutes there, seek treatment in Brazil but report that do not use condoms with clients.

Some report that had the idea that hormonal treatment Immune left STDs which is not true ...
hormonal treatment has nothing to do with antiretroviral therapy or anti HIV / AIDS.

The government has done little to mobilize transvestites and transsexuals who are living with prostitution.
The majority of them are there at the head of a non-for neighborhood want to but because they need because once were driven from home by parents, stopped going to school because they are treated
as strangers and do not respect social name and apparent gender / informed, and for failing to formal employment in the labor market!

Country Without Violence is country without LGBTFobia!

Natasha Roxy

Rravestis entitled to social name in your documents
You being a transvestite has the right to have your documentation, especially the SUS card with your social name. Do not let be mistreated. If necessary, show the law that guarantees this right

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