The effects of AIDS are reversible.

The effects of AIDS are reversible.

This film shows Selina, a black and poor woman, also HIV positive.

She allowed herself to shoot for ninety days.

Ninety days from the reality of an HIV-positive poor, black and without many people by themselves.

The film is told in reverse and I got to meet people who do not understand anything, showed the video as a "warning" to the effects of AIDS.

Is not this the story of Selina.

The story begins by Selina ninetieth day and runs until the first, when she began receiving combination therapy also known as cocktail ...

The last message of the video is:

The effects of AIDS are reversible!

Help someone else get a second chance.

Watch the video and do it.

Adherence to treatment! Help it

Natacha Agate

Claudio Souza