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One of the main struggles of transvestites and transsexuals is the integration into the labor market

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A day to remember

Campaign visibility discusses the prejudice that still exists

Ana Paula Leitão

Front of the mirror, she outlines the lips with lipstick. Hair on the shoulders and constant smile, Ludymilla not see the image reflected the man who was but a woman that is. Today, accompanies the body changes, which earned sharp contours. In search of a new life, the battle for TRANSEXUAL birth certificate with the name and the female sexual realignment surgery.

Ludymilla Santiago, 27 of years, he realized that he was different when he was 14 years. "At the time, I began to realize that men liked and felt uncomfortable with the group," he says. At 16, started dressing as a woman. "One is not born knowing what is TRANSEXUAL happens in a process," he explains. Ludymilla today struggle for recognition of the family, which does not accept the gender change and keeps calling her by the male name.

kim petras-sexy-hot-motivational-posters-3-3According to the vice president of the Center for the Support and Appreciation of the Life and Transgender DF and Environs (Anavtrans), Sissy Kelly, today transvestites and transsexuals suffer discrimination from parents, siblings, friends, and also social . "Transsexuals and transvestites have trouble even accessing health services and the labor market because of prejudice."

To discuss and find solutions, the National Day of Visibility was created, celebrated today in Brazil. The date was established in 2000 when a group of transvestites and transsexuals negotiated with the Federal Government and the National Program STD/AIDS Ministry of Health an awareness campaign about who they are and what they want. Two years later came the national campaign TRAVESTI and respect: it's about time the two were seen together at home, school, club, in life.

To mark the occasion, will be held in the auditorium of the CUT, next Thursday, the visibility of the II Seminar on the theme Social Integration. The seminar is organized by the group Links and Care Center for Diversity and Fighting Discrimination Sexual, Racial and Ethnic Religious, Social Development Secretariat and Cash Transfer.

Surgery is irreversible

Throughout Brazil, men discover that they are women and women recognize themselves as men. However, only in Rio de Janeiro, Goias, Sao Paulo and Rio Grande do Sul is performed sexual realignment surgery known as reassignment.

To do the surgery requires a psychotherapeutic and hormone at least two years to avoid regrets. In the Federal District, the service is offered by the Transgender Program at the University Hospital of Brasília (HUB). Born about seven years, the project has psychologists, psychiatrists, gynecologists and endocrinologists. "It is important for them and they are sure they want to do surgery because it is irreversible," explains psychologist hospital and mentor program, Sandra Romero.

Furthermore, she explains that the program offers assistance to families who hardly adhere to the program. "The big change is difficult for parents, so it's natural that resistance." According to psychologist, family support is essential in the process of transformation and self-assertion.

For Sandra, the initiative has achieved good results. 25 of participants last year, six have already had surgery at the Hospital das Clinicas, Federal University of Goiás (UFG), responsible for realizing the dream of transsexuals in the Federal District and other states. The teacher and coordinator of the project at the Hospital of UFG, Mariluza Silveira, says the surgeries are done on the spot for over ten years.

To date, there have been about 36 surgeries, among which seven were changing female to male. The procedure is performed by a gynecologist and a plastic surgeon. "They are born again, only the body right," he says. According Mariluza, two boys already legally married after performing surgery. "It's also because we changed the name and gender on the birth certificate, so the law has not denying legal marriage."

Furthermore, hormone replacement therapy is accompanied by doctors and psychologists. "We made it clear from day one that we need to continue monitoring the health throughout life because of the hormones." According to the teacher, high doses can cause problems and even kill.


Meetings Program Transgender happen every Tuesday in the HUB at 10h and return to work on Tuesday. To participate, look for the program coordinator, Sandra Romero, the phone 91575700.

In FD, only the last two months (December and January), has served Nudin 45 citizens who have suffered prejudice by sexual intolerance, religious and racial.

One of the main struggles of transvestites and transsexuals is the insertion in the labor market. Because of the stigma, are restricted to work as hairdressers, cooks or prostitutes.

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