What are opportunistic infections? How do they work?

Unlike saying "legend" the subject does not die because of "any gripezinha"

Teen Pregnancy If you want to call it lovemaking, call; If you want to call it a fuck, call it, if you want to call it a chibar (...) call it. Anyway, do it with a condom! This avoids AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases, prevents unplanned pregnancy or the worst teen pregnancy and you avoid exposing yourself and yourself to this sinister disease spider you have on this page. Sex is good! Your life is worth more than a fuck. I did not think so and today I take 22 tablets and two more injections a day; And the trend is only going to get worse ... The diseases you find in this link The

What are opportunistic infections? How to act? How to prevent or treat?

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Opportunistic diseases Are also known as "defining AIDS diseases. There are many doubts and innumerable mistakes when people think, act and talk about opportunistic diseases.

I myself, when I found myself seropositive, imagined "a cold send me into space" and the few friends who remained felt uneasy when they saw that it was drizzling and I already accommodated to the new situation, walked calmly same no umbrellas or cover or anything that would prevent me "contraísse flu and die!".

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Eh Eh! It is nothing like that and, although some of them may cause a lot of damage, and here ends my good mood about it, and even kill, causing a lot of physical and spiritual suffering on the people directly or indirectly affected by these diseases.

I was thinking about it and answering questions from the followers of the site, who can always ask questions on the topic of HIV and AIDS that I asked the now great friend, Rodrigo Pellegrini Sgobbi (Who translated toso these English texts for the Portuguese) to bring to our language texts that post below and to be published on average one to three a day, in this section.

I will follow the same system as the site that spawned this section and elencarei similarly this page from today, Wednesday, twenty nine October 2014.

The symbol of the fight against AIDS

As I publish items for this page will be edited and gain a new link to the post in question.

Below the list of the most common opportunistic infections - inactive Oslinks refer to texts still under review or not found

Bacterial Infections

Malignancies (cancers)

Viral infections

Infections Fúngiacas

Protozoan Infections

Neurological Conditions

  • Dementia / AIDS Related Complex (ARC)
  • Peripheral neuropathy

Other Conditions and Complications

  • Canker sores and oral
  • Thrombocytopenia (low placetas)
  • Síndrome de Wasting

The list is this!

Can see that the flu is not included as an opportunistic disease!

From tomorrow, 30 October, beginning to publish the texts.

Thanks and see you there

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