Undetectable equal to negative?

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February 2015

Who has hiv can have a normal life! And with that, I don’t want you to think that the time for “wow! Hey!

Nothing like that! I experienced this thing of wow, wow and, I assure you, it's not a good way to live. And say that…

… Undetectable viral load equal to negative?

It doesn't solve the equation and, say, no ´ [and quite so.

And if you think about how long a person lives with HIV

Can a person with an undetectable viral load stop worrying about transmitting HIV? Undetectable equal to negative?

Does having an undetectable viral load change the way you talk about HIV serology? Do you understand that this Undetectable Equal to Negative statement is incorrect?

Getting undetectable it's not always easy to do - but once you get there, it's definitely an achievement for your health.

This is what the doctor in question says, who is the author of the text. I remember having a viral load count of over three million, and that when I saw the result, as much as they tried to calm me down, nothing, absolutely nothing made sense to me and I left the CRT-A which was, still , at Rua Antônio Carlos, at Cerqueira César, totally desolate and, without knowing how I got there, I crossed a street without looking and “ran over a bus”!

You may not understand this and I know the phrase is strange, but the truth is that I was shocked by the side of the bus, which had just passed me (thank God) and if I was a few seconds ahead, there even if I would end my life with HIV.

Videx (Damned Nomenclature. But it didn't lead me to the undetectable, not to the negative or non-transferable…)

, SeropositivoOrg
Each “tablet of this size measured more than an inch (2,5 cm) and, of course, could not be swallowed. It had to be chewed and. if there is something that tastes like Hell's Worcestershire sauce, this is the case itself ...

Well, I'm not going to repeat myself completely, but I faced a drug called “Videx” and the worst side effect of it would be “fulminant pancreatitis”, a rather loquacious name.

Well, that didn't happen and here I am, with you! But I kept my adhesion, spartan and draconian, I wanted and, in spite of all my suicide attempts, what I really wanted was to live, now I know and, defendant I confess, every suicide attempt of mine was a cry:

Guys, I’m here, trying to do my best, but you don’t help me and it’s better to die than subsist like that!

Well, in six months, I became undetectable. A lot of water rolled and I will not stay, not on this page, blah, blah, blah in spite of my follies, what I am trying to do is to expose that Undetectable equal to negative is not a truth. It is a misinterpretation that many "pastors" use to say that, as the pastor tried to co-opt me, it would be enough for me to contribute the modest amount of R $ 1.000,00 God, who does not have a Cash Book as I understand Him, would a filter, yes, that's right, a filter in my blood! My will…. Well, I realize that I am falling outside the scope of the text, but I will return here in due time to create a link that leads to the theme briefly outlined in this stake.

The concern of Dr Mathew Rodriguez and the belief of the Undetectable equal to negative!

Not! Undetectable equal to negative is an incorrect statement as shown in the text below, translated by me!

But, what exactly does it mean to be undetectable if this is not the same as being negative?

In your Tpersonal umblr, Joe Gallant, a doctor who deals with HIV at the Southwest Care Center in Santa Fe, New Mexico, answers questions from people living with HIV who are concerned about a number of issues, including their undetectable viral loads. Before you continue reading the text, see who talks about it and the solidity of their arguments and experiences

In January 17 2015 a anonymous user (…) asked

Hello doctor, I read in a previous post that someone said that "the undetectable is the new negative."

Do you agree with this statement at least to some extent?

Dr. Gallant replied:

, SeropositivoOrgTo some extent yes, undetectable is equal to negative. But only to a certain extent.

From the transmission point of view, having a viral load undetectable is next negative from the starting point of prognosis and life expectancy, people with undetectable viral load and CD4 normal have more in common with HIV-negative people than they have with people with untreated HIV infection.

But there are still important differences between someone with well-controlled HIV and someone without HIV !!!

If there weren't, we wouldn't be looking for a cure yet. Even with well-controlled HIV, you have a chronic medical condition that is expensive to treat and that causes an increase in chronic inflammation and immune activation. You still have viral DNA integrated into your own genome.

I'm not trying to go so far as to say that "undetectable is the new negative", he says, which continues:

Although I understand the feeling, it is necessary to keep in mind Viral blisters, which cannot be predicted when they will happen, whether periodically or randomly in practically all cases of HIV infection.

Yeah. And there it is. This is the point that concerns me, the growing number of people, and people of good character, tested hard on HIV infection and by “N” shameful proposals and who never betrayed themselves in their ideals. These people, I know! They don't sell.

But I fear that they may be mistaken and in good faith because, see: There was a second case of PrEP Failure due to Drug Resistance…

No, I'm not what they say, one who likes the “fear doctrine”. I prefer to be sensible and I wonder who was the transmitting agent of a virus resistant to a certain combination of medicines and, after all, when it will be located and what volume of damage it spread without knowing it…

Cruel? I?

Yes. But how many people did he, in good faith, trusting your PrEP and its undetectability, will have infected with HIV before this event, the rediscovery of detectability, leaving aside, as it were, the viral blipes?

And its victims (…) innocent (…)? How many other people will they have taken “that” (from the top of 8 methadone pills a day I can call that), as this is one thing that grows in geometric progression ...

Do I remember, and remember well, this headline while speaking, in good faith, that Undetectable equals negative?

See: I can't find the “correct” image, with the message that said: There are already four victims in São Paulo!

, SeropositivoOrg
And it was just over three or four when this headline was unspeakably absurd, between January 1, 2000 and December 31, 2011, about 11.000 people died.

This thing, to call it a gay plague, this is a scary thing that the media endorsed and for which it has not yet done the necessary Mea Culpa, the dogs ...

And it was just over three or four when this headline unspeakably absurd, between January 1, 2000 and December 31, 2011, about 11.000 people died. And I was doing the math and that was, at the time, and math is the point where I am extremely vulnerable, about thirty deaths per month, which gives more or less, three deaths per day. And in the beginning, there were only four (...).

And ... no, I'm not spreading fear. I am being realistic and objective and all I see in the undetectable viral load is that it can serve as an "extra layer" of protection or the desire to have a child.

I know, within my relationship circle, a great friend, who has always maintained and maintains unprotected sexual relations with her husband and he is negative (or unresponsive, as some euphemism lovers prefer).

But they got to know each other like this, they related to each other like this, and it was only after the first child that they were called to the reality that, at that time and in summary, was a possible tragedy.

But they did the exams, he was considered, as some prefer, that they love the hate speech, "clean". (…).

So, I put myself in the position of those for whom all care is little and, as I learned, the hard way ... which is the following:

When in doubt, do not exceed! 😊

And I remember that fool Ronald Reagan, I believe it was him, but I'm not sure, another Trump - mentally retarded - who said that “in two years we would, for sure, have the vaccine against that“. Yeah, mané…

To this day, and more than thirty years have gone by, all I see repeated is the staggering headline:

The 1% of the cure.

It started like that. Very bad is true. But one thing was true. It started with less than half a dozen people, and it is estimated that there are at least 600.000 people living with HIV in Brazil. How many PrEP failures (I hope not) will be necessary for people to understand that risk is alfo and that PrEP should, as I see it, be used as a second layer of protection and not a green light for unprotected sex, even because hepatitis C is an STI and there are countless cases of incurable gonorrhea in the world….?

Well, we have amFar's promise to bring the cure to 2020 and see what a cute video, it looks more like a Marvel superhero movie ad!

This is what you saw above, on the verge of madness, for the thunderous presentation; but, from the heart, I want to be wrong. What I can say about this will not come from my hands, but from respectable scientists, in this text!

And look ...

I think that many times we can only accept life as it is, as it presents itself to us and seek to improve it with patience. Myself I don't think about healing...

I think about going on living, and my infection told me solid things, which she saw with her eyes that led me, in a moment of great happiness to write this article:

Now yes! No limits to dream!

Yes ... I like to convey hope and I would like to say, for sure that undetectable is equal to non-transmissible, but it is seen that it is not!

I really like to spread joy! But I need to be sensible and loyal to my ideas and what I have learned in life with great difficulty in voluntary service.

I saw a sad humanitarian crisis up close and all I hope is that a new crisis of this size, or even less, will not be allowed to happen!

And I cut and paste what Dr Mathew Rodriguez, from a very serious hospital, wrote:

But there are still important differences between someone with well-controlled HIV and someone without HIV - if there weren't, we wouldn't be looking for a cure yet. Even with well-controlled HIV, you have a chronic medical condition that is expensive to treat and that causes an increase in chronic inflammation and immune activation. You still have viral DNA integrated into your own genome. I'm not trying to go so far as to say that "undetectable is the new negative", although I understand the feeling it is necessary to keep in mind the Viral blisters, which cannot be avoided and that can happen, periodically or randomly in practically all cases of HIV infection.

And I, Cláudio Souza, prefer to maintain a moderate posture in relation to this, as it is as I said, since 1996, when the combined therapy was developed, where the protease inhibitor has a fundamental role in the “combined therapy”, the said cocktail and I remember seeing in a speech by DR Drausio Varela that he talked to another doctor and this doctor said:

These "new remedies" are working!

Below is a brief definition:

Protease inhibitor

Drug capable of inhibiting the action of the specific viral protease enzyme, essential for the formation of the infectious particle of HIV. If the viral particle is not properly formed, HIV will not infect new cells. (AIDS News Agency.).

At the AIDS agency you will find a vast wealth of information on this link.

Anyway, almost finished, still talking about “one percent of the cure, since 1996 I expose this:

, SeropositivoOrg
In 1996

It is this sensationalism that Dr Rodrigu seeks to avoid and that I seek, from my humble position.

Along the same lines, the same “scientific magazine” places the image that turns a little further down, on the sides of all the newspaper bands, and, before, I wanted to draw the attention of “us all” that the immense Most of the people who pass through the streets of the center of a city like São Paulo, with more than ten million inhabitants, are the ones who, the citizens of my beloved city read only the headlines, as they may not have time to read, or may not have money to buy and, what they see makes them think, more or less: “Wow! Hey! We don't need a condom anymore, because they “saw this”:

, SeropositivoOrg
What's up? Here we go! One of the most irresponsible things I have ever seen!

Yeah ... And where can that take us.

Dr Dráuzio Varella spoke:

In my opinion ... All care is little

Mathew Rodriguez is the community editor for TheBody.com and TheBodyPro.com

Follow Mathew on Twitter: mathewrodriguez

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And it was not within a "comfort zone"! This is a story that only I have to tell!

I was the first individual, a CPF, not a CNPJ to, in quotes, “Slap my face”!

For all that I lived, it all happened in a period still troubled by prejudice and, yes, there were prices to be paid.

The currency has always been that of social exclusion and I have even hesitated between continuing or not!

The great “IT” of all this is that without this work, I would have nothing left but leisure and I would certainly not endure it. I have a need to be productive.

We are Borg!

If not bored by the empty hours, at least by suicide due to the absolute lack of purpose that my life would have and the terrible impression of parasitosis that would come to affect me. So, I couldn't stop.

I had the opportunity to accomplish many things and, on the other hand, I missed several opportunities to do more, with a deeper and better reach.

Not everything is as desired. Let it rain (Guilherme Arantes)!

Anyway, if you have the possibility to support, to finance, even if only minimally this project, here are the facts:

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