Fighting homophobia and and other social phobias in companies, workplaces and in different environments.

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LGBT Awareness Day gives
Human Diversity
We should follow their example, children; if nobody pollute their minds with lies and deceit, they certainly accept the pessoss as they are, since they do not realize, that essentially no differences between human beings, except those that make us unique among the same.
Come to me the little ones, for theirs is the sky and the whole kingdom
Come to me the little ones, for theirs is the sky and the whole kingdom

Sao Paulo has a state law that punishes homophobic behaviors in companies, co m sentences ranging from fines to suspension of the operating license, in addition to moral damages in civil proceedings. To avoid this, the lawyers Rosangela Novaes and Patricia Gorisch created the UP Humanization and Training, a pioneer in Brazil. The main objective is to prepare the society and business to the changes taking place in the country and the world, involving the LGBTI population (Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Intersex).

The UP was born of the desire to build a more just, caring society, pluralistic and egalitarian, free of all forms of prejudice, as the Constitution stipulates.

"While some old prejudices are declining, others remain. LGBTI people suffer from discrimination at work, in hospitals, clinics, schools, bars, hotels, restaurants etc. Today, the main flag of the social movement is the fight against homophobia, lesbophobia and transphobia, understood as fear and / or hatred of homosexuality or transgender people, usually expressed by name-calling, bullyng, exclusion, prejudice, discrimination and acts of violence can come to death. Anyone LGBT or presumed to be LGBT, can be the target of homophobia, "said Rosangela Novaes.

The UP seeks harmony in the workplace, by clarifying and technical support, avoiding constraints and possible lawsuits because of discriminatory treatment. It is a pioneer in the inclusion of LGBTI people, whether in the workplace or in social.No environment State of São Paulo prevails State Law that punishes homophobic behavior co m sentences ranging from fines to suspension of the operating license, in addition of moral damages in civil proceedings.


The denial of rights based on sexual orientation and gender identity is called homolesbotransfobia, a violence thatwomen and men ranging from 18 to 45 years transforms characteristics of sexual diversity reason for inequality, vulnerability, exclusion and risks of all kinds. The right to work is one of those human rights that must be guaranteed to LGBT people. It is not just access to employment and the stability of the same, but the right to a friendly environment where everyone can fully develop their potential without barriers or obstacles to career, with respectful treatment, fairness and freedom to express themselves without constraints.

"When a person is not respected in their uniqueness, condition or situation, you spend a lot of energy and time to hide his reality before a dominant pattern, oppressive and violent. This standard tax disqualifies the person in many ways, not allowing recognize qualities in their professional practice. Respectful environments, inclusive and promoting interactions between people, valuing diversity, are potentially more creative, skilled and trained to handle a diverse world also, fast and deep process of change, "said Rosangela Novaes.

The UP supports to create a respectful and productive work environment, through clarification of lectures, avoiding risks with discrimination and violence, allowing for the good image and reputation.

Rosangela Novaes:

Civil law - Family and Succession - Homoafetivo Law - Legal Counsel Secretary of the Special Commission of Sexual Diversity of the Federal Council of OAB National Coordination Committees of Sexual Diversity OAB and IBDFAM President of the State Commission of Sexual Diversity and Law Homoafetivo the IBDFAM - SP - Institute Brazilian Brazilian Institute Center Coordinator of the Family Law Family Law - IBDFAM Santos Member of the Committee on Sexual Diversity and Law Homoafetivo - OAB Santos - Member of the Municipal Commission of Sexual Diversity - Santos - São Paulo Member of GADvS - Group Lawyers for Sexua Diversity

Patricia Gorisch:

Lawyer and University Professor

Master in International Law

Group of Diverse College Students wearing Their traditional attiPresident of the National Commission of Homoafetivo Law IBDFAM - Brazilian Institute Family Law Professor of UNIP - Universidade Paulista in Human Rights and Legal Philosophy Researcher in Human Rights at the Catholic University of Santos Associated ABA - American Bar Association - Family Law Section and Section Law International, USA.

Associated with The National LGBT Bar Association, United States.

Associated ANDHEP - National Association of Human Rights, Research and Graduate Director of GADVS - Group of Lawyers for Sexual Diversity of São Paulo Member Homoafetivo Law Commission of OAB and Sexual Diversity / Santos Member of the Defense Committee of the Rights of Persons with Disability OAB / Santos

If you need, for some reason, contact the UP, send an email to Glaucous.

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