Today my HIV full age. There 18 years, was diagnosed HIV +

18th Birthday party invite / template retro style design - VectorI woke up after six in the morning. My boyfriend's snoring beside me. I got up quietly. I left the warm bed took my coffee stroking the cat in the kitchen in silence. I remembered to take my medicine. They are visible to the table in the kitchen for all to see. No need to hide them, all the people I meet know that I am HIV positive.

I went out to my yoga class, as I do every day. My session was slow, as always, and took almost two hours I spent trying to keep the attention on my breath. But the thought: 'Wow, I'm still alive! "Insisted emerge into my mind. Who would have believed he'd be here, yet ... And not only alive and healthy and strong? Stronger and healthier than when I received my diagnosis!

I spent most of the day at work, and although it is Monday and the cold almost freeze me could not help but smile ... a hidden smile. The anniversary of my HIV positive diagnosis has become my day celebrates the fact of being alive. HIV gave me the notion that health and life are things to be sought and valued, taught me to take care of my body holistically.

I have the perfect idea about how lucky I am! Many of us, people living with HIV, still live in fear, under the weight of secrecy, isolation and hopelessness.

One of the things I think a lot about these days is like HIV medication seems to have become the answer to everything. The only solution! The end of AIDS!

If there's anything I've learned in the last eighteen years of living with HIV, is that we are people who take pills, drugs of all kinds, but with different needs; sometimes we have to take on an empty stomach, another of them have to make with the 'full stomach' and so on ...

For many of those who support the Positively UK Often there is not enough food, or a stable home, shelter and sometimes they live in relationships in which they feel unsafe, afraid of everything.

Often, they understand very little about the virus, or about the medicines they take.

How to take the treatment of religious and diligent manner, as is necessary for us, HIV positive people do when everything is uncertain, ambiguous or uncertain?

Meanwhile, the mantra that comes from above is always the same:

We are in a crisis, there is money to support services. Budgets are being reduced and the access to medicines is limited by financial or budgetary concerns. " Yes, right here in the UK, one of the strongest economies in the world it happens often.

Poverty, inequality and violence still drive this epidemic. I wish we had a pill for that ...

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Editor's Note Soropositivo Web Site:

Although in Brazil antiretrovirals are distributed free of charge, and this text reflects a specific condition in the United Kingdom, it is not difficult to establish a parallel between this testimony and the reality lived by us seropositive people living in Brazil. In places farther away from the great centers, and sometimes not even so isolated, as in Ceará, there is sometimes the fractionation of doses and the patient, who often comes from a long way, and can only obtain medicine for fifteen days , Due to "logistic errors". Not to mention the obvious prejudice of some "servants". In addition, municipalities undermine the right to a "free pass" for people who are HIV positive, on the pretext of nothing or anything. Even though I live in São Paulo, I have already given up this "ticket" because it is necessary to have a true epic, waking up and going from here to there and there to get the "benefit"; Fortunately, I do not go out so much at home, and when I leave, I end up diluting the cost of the passage in the myriad things I leave to do in "just one day". But I begin to worry about the costs of transportation, as our lives are starting to show a tendency towards the need for these _benefits_, apart from other abuses, such as that of the insurer AMIL or others, as published in Revista Isto é, more than fifteen years ago, and Which continues to dance.

I also wanted a pill for these social woes ... Unfortunately there is not ... and little can be done, except to continue the struggle for our rights!

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