Media is trying to show women as a commodity in this carnival and at other times of year

skolvcm1* Mabel Dias wrote to Charter Capital which, precisely this week, Carnival week (today is 13 of Feb. 2015), a time when violence against women is even more frequent (It strikes me and shames me to be a man and have to agree to that! ...), with all possible "imaginable pretexts", the "SKOL brewery" had the unfortunate idea of ​​creating "publicity pieces" that tend to "justify" male violence against women. Posters and posters saying "I forgot the not at home" and "top before knowing the question" are some of the phrases scattered in the metropolis of São Paulo.

The publicity firm Pri Ferrari and the journalist Mila Alves, who with a critical and attentive sense realized that the campaign visibly encourages "loss of control"During a period in which there is a very high rate of sexual violence, from forced kisses to consumptive rapes and have decided to mark with some interventions in the advertisements (SIC), adding other words to strengthen respect for and non-violence against women.

The reaction and intervention of feminist groups was embarrassing for the beer brand, which eventually removed the campaign from the streets of São Paulo. A beautiful victory for women, even though the National Council for Self-Regulation Advertising - Conar - remained absolute silence about the situation.

The maximum in the popular and macho imagery is that when a woman says "no" she is saying "yes". This is used as a justification for crimes of violence, including rape, which happen more intensity at the carnival.

Another depressing aspect of this violence is occurring in this period, forced kisses on the blocks, considered rape under Brazilian law.

And so the affiliate network Rede Globo in the State of Bahia launched a poll that bordered on ridicule in one of his news programs, asking whether forced kissing should be banned or not; it is unacceptable for an opinion-forming vehicle to take such a position on a very serious matter.

The survey came to social networks and caused great negative wrath.

The Congresswoman Jandira Feghali (B-RJ PC), for example, stated that "this is the classic type of journalism that only helps to aggravate the machismo of society and the view of women as a possession of man."

Regarding Pri Ferrari's intervention in Skol's ill-fated campaign, Ferrari posted the action on his Facebook profile, where he had more than 20 thousand more tanned than 7500 shares!

The initiative reached Ambev, responsible for brewing and advertising itself; one of the directors of the company called the advertising company and said they would set up a "task force" to remove all advertising pieces from the streets.

However, such stereotypes, built by the beer advertisements, do not only have Skol as their example. There are countless actions by feminist groups against the explicit machismo shown in advertising pieces. The Itaipava brand has, since January, been a woman explicitly as a commodity in its publicity pieces. Things that are classic of machismo: a woman who talks little, owns a bar, dressed in tiny clothes, that serves men and that has the name of "Summer", in an allusion to the season of the year.

In the text "The beer and the female murder," the Doctor of Sociology at the University of Brasilia (UNB) Berenice Benedict says that "these commercial no metaphors. The woman is not "like the beer": is the beer. Is there to be consumed silently, passively, without reaction sketch, man. So gullible that can even be replaced by a plastic doll, to the joy of young men who are eager for summer adventure ".Berenice Benedict believes that, even with the struggle of the feminist movement, to guide the violence against women as one of the worst ills, the hierarchical structure of gender relations is still very present. Reveals the multiple sources that feed the hatred of women.

The advertising of beers in Brazil portray this well. And it can not be said that this is _natural_, a "little joke". It is the portrait of the machismo that kills women and girls. Portrait of a society that needs to be transformed, and that attitudes such as those of Pri Ferrari and Mila Alves, or like the women of the Woman and Media Network, who are always attentive and combative to the violations of women's image in the media.

* Mabel Days is a journalist and member of Intervozes

Editor's Note Soropositivo Web Site:

The original of this article can be read at the link below, which are published photos of interventions made in the "advertising pieces." I watch carefully this "peçonhar" constant media about women and abhor the practice in any instance. Woman is no object and not property. Or you think that your mother and your wife? Much of this sexual violence results in unwanted pregnancy (where the _homem_ disappears, or AIDS, to become an even greater shame ...

And of course, there are cases of rape within marriage, because at the time the woman is not well to keep a sexual relationship, the "real macho" opens down if empavona in indignation and part up of women, giving vent to their lower instincts (because this is not love) instincts, to finish three minutes later (above all a rooster) satiated in their perversion, thinking, IS MY WOMAN AND DO WITH IT WHAT I WANT.

And I do not say to women vilified so responsive and chutem the "bag" the asshole because then it would be the assault tenfold. As much as I think I do not know how to get the woman of this maze of machismo, misogyny and oppression. So, do what has to be done, go to a police station the woman makes a complaint, because even you can remove the complaint and after our little friend will see the sunrise square and, most likely, washing the clothes of a " protector "and sleeping on the bed corner, as he said the late Bezerra da Silva.

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