Women take to the streets to protest the murder of Aslan Özgecan

The portal operates mundi] Reported that a young 20 years Özgecan Aslan, was killed in a barbaric attempted rape on Wednesday; activists said flatly that the responsibility lies with the Turkish Government, which is shown negligent on the gradual escalation of violence against women in the country.

heelsAccording to the website, thousands of women took to the streets of several cities in Turkey on Saturday (14 / 02) to protest the death of university Özgecan Aslan, 20 years of sexual violence victim. The barbaric murder of Aslan angered women across the country, who for years warned about the misogynistic violence epidemic in Turkey and to neglect and even president of government collusion Recep Tayyip Erdogan, which tends to Islamic radicalism, opposite the question.

The Aslan charred body was found on Friday (13 / 02) near Mersin, city in southern Turkey. Three men were arrested accused of involvement in the murder. According to Turkish police, Aslan took a van to go home after school on Wednesday (11 / 02). She was alone in the van with the driver, 26 years, his dad and a friend of the two. She would have reacted to the attempted rape by the driver with the help of pepper spray he was carrying to defend. He then hit her on the head with an iron bar and stabbed her repeatedly times. The three men set fire to Aslan's body and threw him in a river near the town.

Misogynistic statements made by representatives of the Erdogan government feed the atmosphereSilhouette of a female figure with superhero suit discrimination and violence, activists believe. The president said, in November last year at a conference for women's rights in Istanbul, that equality between women and men "goes against nature": (!!!) "at work, you can not treat men and women also, "he said, adding that women can not do the same work as men fazemm due to its" delicate nature ".

The Turkish Prime Minister Bülent Arınç said, assertivamenteque "a woman should not laugh in public. It should be modest in their attitudes and protect their chastity. " Ayhan Sefer Üstün, president of the party leader, the AKP (Justice and Development), was also still in their obvious sexism, with his troubled mind.

To Üstün, "women who have abortions after rape have more guilt than the rapist." Ayşe Nedret Akova, the CHP (People's Party Republic), the main opposition party to the government, and a member of the Parliamentary Committee on Violence against Women, said in late January that these comments are a kind of misogynist violence, as this "is not done only through beatings and shots, but also by politics and religion."

As informs the Opera Mundi, thes protest the murder of Aslan reminded the escalation of femicide in the country, Turkey in recent years.

According to official information, in the year 2002 were recorded less than 100 cases across the country, while in 2014 this number reached 300. According to a survey of website Bianet, dedicated to human rights issues and freedom of expression in Turkey, only in January this year 27 Turkish women victims were killed this abominable crime ..

Speaking to BBC News, Sevda Bayramoglu, the Women for Peace Initiave demanded changes in Turkish legislation to protect women of such violence. "Men kill, rape and torture women. This 'state of men' protects. We hope that Parliament act to end the violence. "

According to the Turkish ImcTV site, the Ministry of Family and Social Policies in Turkey issued a statement in which they pledged to "engage more deeply" in the judicial process of Aslan killers. The Justice Minister Bekir Bozdag, also issued a statement saying that the killers "will have the most severe punishment (...) they can receive."

claudiusNote the Seropositive Web Site Editor: The question is whether the more severe penalty is not spending a week in jail, complete with TV and intimate visits; it is deplorable that these countries, with particular religious and philosophical orientations make a deaf ear to defasa entities protests of women's rights in Turkey and the world. It is urgent treatment of legislation in order to punish crimes motivated by strictly sexist motivations and gender

Source: UOL news

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