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Pedophile priests
Men or saints? Would not it be better to end celibacy so that there is this kind of "flow" of the instincts?

Eleven of the twelve people involved in a case of pedophilia in Spain can not be processed due to the prescription of the facts, according to the opinion of the judge Antonio Moreno Marin released this morning.

The "magistrate" of the Granada court in southern Spain considered that in line with the law he had to "declare the prescription of sexual abuse crimes without penetration, exhibitionism and concealment of evidence"Regarding nine priests and two lay reported by a boy from Granada choir.

On the other hand decided to keep the case against a priest by facts "That may be of continuous sexual abuse crime."

Moreno Marin said that these crimes are punishable by imprisonment from four to ten years in prison.

The decision of 26 January, may be appealed on behalf of the Attorney Location.

This pedophilia case was notified in November and because of the number of defendants, this is the most serious crime of the Spanish Church.Human Activities

according to the Journal News Minute to Portugal, the Pope touched with a letter from a young man of little more than twenty years, who presented himself as a member of Opus Dei and reveals sexual abuse that was said to have been suffering in Granada, with it, the Pope , advised the youth to pursue.

Also according to the Minute News ten priests and two lay were then accused of participation in the abuses alleged by the victim, as perpetrators or accomplices, between 2004 and 2007 when the victim was between 14 and 17 years.

It is common knowledge that the Pope Francisco assumed, since his election in March 2013, a policy of "zero tolerance" with regard to pedophilia, scourge that discredited the Catholic Church and that may have caused tens of thousands of victims.

I, the Seropositive Web Site editor was, in times of dire need, one housed in a support center controlled by a priest and God and the Devil, together, not just believe the things I went there; did not go through sexual abuse, but suffered a great sort of "moral harassment" and to tell only one, on one occasion I was late five minutes on the street, coming from the CRTA that was where I was me and because of that, I lost right to dinner that night. I think that the Church, as an institution, must observe better who she puts on driving "his flock".


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