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March 30

left-testInitiative fluid extracted using the gum and the cheek mucosa in approximately 30 minutes, it is possible to obtain a result

Carnival time is fun, but can also be an opportunity to become more quiet with health performing oral HIV test. The procedure to see if the person has AIDS was developed by the Oswaldo Cruz Foundation (Fiocruz) and have, among other advantages, mobility, it is not necessary to have a laboratory space for the collection and diagnosis.

The initiative uses fluid extracted from the gum and the cheek mucosa with the aid of a collector rod, and approximately 30 minutes, it is possible to get the result.

The tests were already being used within the Viva Melhor Sabendo project, a partnership of the Ministry of Health with 60 civil society organizations from all over the country that had the possibility to go to risk groups that are men who have sex with men, gay men , transsexuals, transvestites, sex workers and people who use drugs. Now, for the Carnival, the NGOs organize to go out in bars, nightclubs and parties throughout the week of revelry.

Ariane Sena, 23, a psychology student, participates in the project in Salvador, Bahia, with the Charity Conception Macêdo (IBCM)A nonprofit organization that since 1989, acts in the prevention of HIV / AIDS and support people living with the virus.


"The cool design is that we're going to the meeting of people, wherever they are, then we go on edges, gay saunas, brothels and is being very good. We understand the difficulty of transvestites and transsexuals reach laboratories, we are not always respected and we are not called by our social names, as we want to be called, "says Ariane Seine. During Carnival in Salvador, the project will make three exits in the week of holidays past the bar and Circuit Dodo.

In cases of positive test, teams are advised to refer cases to the nearest local health centers, as explained Father Alfredo. "I think it's a real fashion people stop this epidemic, causing people to know of their condition. When there are cases of seropositivity, we indicate the nearest health centers of the community and region. One can choose according to their need or convenience, "he adds.

rgb-condom-3-jpgIn Rio de Janeiro, Márcio Villard, area manager of Education and Social Mobilization Monitoring Coordination of Environmental Municipal Health Department Health and Civil Defense of Rio de Janeiro, says the barracks of the samba schools, both in the first group as the access group, receive condoms and educational materials throughout the year. Women volunteers of the communities working with Willow schools, Hose, Tijuca and Vila Isabel.

During the carnival, the actions are performed in the Samba Terreirão and Sambódobro. "They work with educational material and is veryrgb-condom-1-jpg interesting because then we get many people to give referrals to the test. So the hashtag campaign, #partiuteste, works great in dialogue with these people, "explains Márcio Villard.

HIV infection can only be detected with at least 30 days of risk, period called the window period. In addition to the oral test, the Unified Health System (SUS) provides laboratory testing and rapid testing for free and anonymously in the units of the public and the Testing and Counselling Centres.

In these centers, in addition to the collection and execution of tests, there is a process of counseling before and after the test, to facilitate the correct interpretation of the results by the patient. You can also find out where to get tested by Health Hotline (136).

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